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BLINDED COLONY update from studio, touring plans revealed

Discussion in 'Morrigan's Pit' started by Gaunerin, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Karlshamn Sweden’s BLINDED COLONY recently updated their website and MySpace with a studio update. BLINDED COLONY guitarist Tobias Olsson reflects on the recording process of the band’s forthcoming album Bedtime Prayers, as well as on future touring plans,

    “Our new album will be called Bedtime Prayers and will be released on our
    new label Pivotal Rockordings <> this fall!
    The release dates of the album will be October 13 (13.10.06) for everyone
    in Europe. Bedtime Prayers will be released in North America and the rest
    of the world on October 17 (17.10.06).

    So far we have recorded all the drums, guitars, and bass. Schuster is still
    locked up with Johan B. in SoundPalace Studios working on the vocals. We
    also will be mixing and mastering Bedtime Prayers shortly after the vocal
    tracks are completed. There is a new studio video that we have uploaded
    onto the MYSPACE and onto our OFFICIAL WEBSITE that you view to see the
    craziness that is BLINDED COLONY in the studio!

    Bedtime Prayers will contain 10 neck rippin' tracks and I'm sure that fans
    of our Divine album as well as our demo tracks will be really content with
    the new material! Some of the song titles we will be using for Bedtime
    Prayers will include:
    "Bedtime Prayer," "Heart," "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," and new song,
    tentatively called "My Halo."

    We've done a lot of gigs these days and we want to thank everyone who has
    come out to support us! We played in Denmark at the Roskilde Festival Warm
    up show with our new friends The Psyke Project and By Night, who are from
    Sweden. We had a great time at the event, even though the sound didn't go
    well for us at all, we send a special thanks to everyone who stuck around!
    It was great to hear all the awesome feed back from everyone! We will be
    back in Denmark in July and will be having our release party in Gothenburg
    at the Belsepub with our good friends in Sonic Syndicate on October 13! I
    am really excited for that gig and it should be fun for all who come out!
    We know our label is planning a release party in Chicago on the US release
    date, so everyone please be on the lookout for that!

    Also, we are currently planning out European tour with some friends of ours
    and we look forward to seeing all our friends in the UK, Germany, BeneLux
    and France sometime this fall/winter!”

    BLINDED COLONY announced earlier this year that they signed to Florida
    based record label Pivotal Rockordings for
    the release of Bedtime Prayers. BLINDED COLONY’s previous full length
    record, DIVINE, was recorded by the band at their own SoundPalace Studios
    in Karlshamn Sweden and released through Scarlet Records in Italy.

    BLINDED COLONY once again plan to work with video producer Thomas Tjäder
    on music videos for the songs, “Heart,” “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,”
    and the track still tentatively named, “My Halo.” A new name for the
    track “My Halo” and more details about Bedtime Prayers will be made
    public by Pivotal Rockordings in the near future.

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