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Bodies In The Gears Of Apparatus - Demo 2002

Discussion in 'Your Reviews' started by kontan, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. kontan

    kontan Demon of the Abyss

    Jan 30, 2002
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    Athens, Hell-ass
    I know that's it's a little bit old but I just discovered them and here's a review. (This review will be released in Under The Ground 'zine soon)

    These guys here come from New Jersey of the US to blow our brains to the wall. In this piece of work they present us a perfectly played grind/crustcore stuff with a bit of humor.

    Songs fast, intense, candid, which aim is the subconscious without needed to understand the lyrics that, even if you read them, you can’t figure out what they say, ‘cause that way that their frontman screams/spits the words, the explanation and depth of the words have no sense. He’s just a part of this very well organized massacre. Worth to talk about is the technique of the band, which combined with the very smart changes, gives a very strong result. Samples of conversation, possibly taken from movies, often interpose between the tracks giving our necks a chance to relax-as long as they can-from the headbanging. All these given to us with a great, for this music, production (something that the certain style of music isn’t proud of).

    Very nice work has been with the site of the band ( This moment the band gives countless concerts (they’ve played with bands as Mortician and Circle Of The Dead Children) and been prepared for their next release, an EP containing the songs of the demo plus some new, unreleased ass-kicking songs. Check out their 7” (released by Forsaken Vinyl).

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