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BOOTCAMP ORIGINS (Bootcamp Series #25)

Discussion in 'Divebomb Records' started by TribunalRecords, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    We are celebrating our Bootcamp Series 25th release (as well as DIVEBOMB RECORDS 100th release) with the ones that started it all. Our release is titled BOOTCAMP ORIGINS and compiles the original 12" Combat Boot Camp releases by Have Mercy, Napalm and Powermad.

    Newly remastered by Jamie King and new artwork below (still in progress) plus what is shaping up to be a 20 page booklet with full lyrics (a first), archival photos, press clippings, a brand new essay penned by Andrew Aversionline of including excerpts of discussion with former Combat Records boss, Steve Sinclair, about the original series itself.

    We are extremely excited to bring our BOOTCAMP SERIES full circle by celebrating the origins themselves.


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