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Born To Suffer, metalcore from Russia

Discussion in 'Russian Metal Scene' started by BornToSuffer, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. BornToSuffer

    BornToSuffer New Metal Member

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Born To Suffer is a young and fast-evaluating metalcore band. Being formed in the fall 2008, guys stormed into Saint-Petersburg metal stage with lightening speed. With its first studio release, namely “In these bleeding eyes” demo 2008, the band conquered first fans and gave a shape to its own style, that can be defined as a mixture of metalcore riffs, epic melodies, mind breaking dissonances and nonstandard bar sizes in compilation with exploding breakdowns. With a strong emphasis on technique and experiments together with its wholehearted behavior on stage, Born To Suffer received reputation of a perspective and eccentric metal collective. Lyrics, which are mainly oriented towards global and social problems, is another remarkable trait putting BTS out of the crowd. For the first months of 2010, the band shared stage with such monsters as Arsonists Get All The Girls and I Wrestled A Bear Once. On 12th of May 2010 guys are presenting their EP album “Grievous Legacy”, which is going to be a breaking point for the collective…

    Download EP “Grievous Legacy”

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