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CD Collection: Black/Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal CDs - £5 each

Discussion in 'Metal CD' started by Atrebetes, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Atrebetes

    Atrebetes New Metal Member

    Jul 2, 2016
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    Selling a collection of CDs for £5 each. Collection consists of:

    Angel Witch – Angel Witch (Castle Music)
    Anthrax – Among the Living (Island Records)
    Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (Sanctuary Records)
    Darkthrone – Under a Funeral Moon (Peaceville Records)
    Darkthrone – The Cult is Alive (Peaceville)
    Discharge – Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (Sanctuary Records)
    Death – Scream Bloody Gore (Century Media)
    Death – Leprosy (Century Media)
    Enslaved – Frost (Osmose Productions)
    Folkvang/Wodensthrone – Over the Binding of the Waves (Ancient Nation)
    Immolation – Dawn of Possession (Metal Mind Productions)
    Immortal – Battles in the North (Osmose Productions)
    Judas Iscariot – Heaven in Flames (Red Stream)
    Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Century Media Records)
    Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness (Earache)
    Mutiilation – Vampires of Black Imperial Blood (Nihil Records)
    Nagelfar – Virus West (Ars Metal)
    Opeth – Blackwater Park (Sony)
    Reign of Erebus – Inversion Principle (Blackend)
    Sodom – In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty (Steamhammer)
    Sodom – Persecution Mania (Steamhammer)
    Summoning – Lugburz (Napalm Records)
    Summoning – Dol Guldur (Napalm Records)
    Summoning - Lost Tales (Napalm Records)
    Summoning – Oath Bound (Napalm Records)
    Testament – The Legacy (Atlantic/Megaforce)
    Xasthur – Telepathic with the Deceased (Moribund Records)
    Xasthur – A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (Hydra Head Records)

    Please contact for further information and postage costs. Will post internationally.

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