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CDs for trade

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by exact3, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. exact3

    exact3 Member

    Mar 31, 2003
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    PM here if interested.

    Algebra Polymorph Procreation 2013 Stormspell Records
    Amoral Show Your Colors 2009 Spinefarm Records
    Anthenora Soulgrinder 2006 My Graveyard Records
    April Wine The Nature of the Beast 1981 Capitol Records
    April Wine Attitude 1993 Fre Records
    Arcana Arcana 1995 Escape Records
    Armstrong, Louis Kens Burns Jazz 2000 Sony Records
    Asia Alpha 1983 Geffen Records
    Asia Astra 1985 Geffen Records
    Asia Aqua 1993 Great Pyramids Records
    Asia Aria 1994 Mayhem Records
    Asia Aura 2001 Windstorm Records
    Asia Phoenix 2008 Frontiers Records
    Axxis Time Machine 2005 Locomotive Records
    Axtion Lookout for the Night 2006 Retrospect Records
    Bang Tango Psycho Cafe 1989 MCA Records
    Barbe-Q-Barbies All Over You 2010 Sound of Finland Records
    Blackthorne Afterlife 1993 Independent
    Bloodpit Into the Pit 2007 Sony Records
    Battle Bratt Battle Bratt +4 1987/2006 Battlecry Records
    Beautiful Creatures Deuce 2005 Eagle Rock Records
    Blind Guardian And Then There Was Silence EP 2001 Century Media Records
    Blind Guardian Another Stranger Me 2007 Nuclear Blast Records
    Blue Murder Blue Murder 1989 Geffen Records
    Brainstorm Memorial Roots 2009 AFM Records
    Bride Very Best Of 2006 Star Song Records
    Charm City Devils Sins 2012 Entertainment One Records
    Cherry Monroe The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful 2005 Universal Records
    Cold Chisel Best of Cold Chisel 1991 Warner Records
    David Lee Roth A Little Aint Enough 1991 Warner Brothers Records
    Dead On Dead On 2 CD 1989/2012 Divebomb Records
    Destillery Immortal Sun 1999 Iron Glory Records
    Destillery Behind the Mask 2000 Iron Glory Records
    Destynation Rising Up 2006 Sonic Age Records
    Dio Holy Diver (re-master) 1983/2005 Mercury Records
    Dungeon A Rise to Power 2003 LMP Records
    Dungeon One Step Beyond 2005 LMP Records
    Dynazty Knock You Down 2011 Avalon Records
    English Steel Start Em Young 1994 Griffiths Records
    Fair To Midland Arrows and Anchors 2011 Entertainment One Records
    Forte Division 1994 Sonic Underground Records
    Forte Destructive 1997 Fandango Records
    Heir Apparent Graceful Inheritance 1999 Hellion Records
    House of Lords Big Money 2011 Frontiers Records
    Huey Lewis and the News Hard at Play 1991 EMI Records
    Halford Crucible +2 2002 Metal Is Records
    Journey Journey 1975 Columbia Records
    Journey Look into the Future 1976 Columbia Records
    Journey Next 1977 Columbia Records
    Jade Warrior Kites 1976/2010 Esoteric Records
    Jade Warrior Way of the Sun 1978/2010 Esoteric Records
    Judas Priest The Essential Judas Priest 2 CD 2006 Sony Records
    Kingdom Come Kingdom Come 1988 Polygram Records
    King of Kings King of Kings 1991 Geffen Records
    Kiss 20th Century Masters: The Best of Kiss Vol 1 2003 Mercury Records
    Kiss 20th Century Masters: The Best of Kiss Vol 2 2004 Mercury Records
    Kiss 20th Century Masters: The Best of Kiss Vol 3 2006 Mercury Records
    Lonewolf March into the Area/Unholy Paradise 2002&2004/2011 Skol Records
    Mithotyn Gathered Around the Oaken Table 1999/2003 Hammerheart/FONO Records
    Mojo Gurus Lets Get Lit 2009 Independent Records
    Moody Blues, The A Question of Balance 1970/1997 Decca Records
    Mr. Big What If... 2011 Frontiers Records
    Quiet Riot Metal Health 1983 CBS Records
    Quireboys From Tooting to Barking 1995 Griffin Records
    Sabaton Primo Victoria 2005 Black Lodge Records
    Sacred Warrior Waiting in Darkness 2013 Independent
    Sacrificed, The 2012 2010 Roxx Records
    Sacrificed, The III 2012 Roxx Records
    Seven Ten Love and War 2003 Independent
    Shadowkeep A Chaos Theory 2002 SPV Records
    Sinergy Suicide by My Side 2002 Nuclear Blast Records
    Snakehips Monster Bars 2004 Twister Records
    State of Mind Memory Lane 2006 SPV Records
    Street Legal Bite the Bullet 2009 Frontiers Records
    Stu Hamm - The Urge
    Third Ending, The The Third Ending 2006 Progrock Records
    Threshold Extinct Instinct 1997 Giant Electric Pea Records (surface scratches)
    Timeless Hall Timeless Hall 2010 Steel Legacy Records
    TNT All the Way to the Sun 2005 Mayhem Records
    Ultimatum Puppet of Destruction +3 2 CD (w/Fatal Delay) 1998/2009 Roxx Records
    Von Groove Von Groove 1991 EMI Records
    Von Groove Rainmaker 1995 Pelican Records
    Von Groove Driving Off the Edge of the World 2000 SPV Records
    Von Groove The Seventh Day 2001 Z Records
    Walker, T-Bone The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954 1991 EMI Records
    Wedding Party Anthems 1998 MCM Records
    Various The Axemen 1988 Pure Metal Records

    ’77 - Maximum Rock’N’Roll
    Anathema - Serenades (1993)
    Anathema - The Silent Enigma (1995)
    Anathema - Eternity (1996)
    Ace Frehley - Second Sighting
    AC/DC - TNT
    Affector - Harmageddon
    The Angels - Take it to the Streets
    Anekdoten - Vermod
    Anekdoten - Nucleus
    Apocalypse - S/T
    Arthemis - Damned Ship
    Artch - For the Sake of Mankind
    Armed Forces - No Guts No Glory
    Beardfish - Into the Void
    Babyjane - In the spotlight
    Babylon Bombs - Babylon's Burning
    Black Sabbath - Born Again
    Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
    Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes
    Black Spiders - Sons of the North
    Black Spiders - No Goats In The Omen
    Blues Sarceno - never look back
    Bonafide - Ultimate Rebel
    Bride - Live to Die (Originals Series)
    Bride - Show No Mercy (Originals Series)
    Bride - Silence is Madness (Originals Series)
    Brother Firetribe - Heart Full of Fire and then Some
    Blackrain - Lethal Dose of
    Bloodbound - In the Name of Metal
    Bloodbound - Unholy Cross
    Boysvoice - Dirty Talks
    Civil War - The Civil War EP (ex. Sabaton)
    Civil War - The Killer Angels (ex. Sabaton)
    Chris Laney - Pure
    Cirrha Niva - For Moments never Done
    Coldspell - Out From The Cold
    Creations end - A New Beginning
    Cry Wolf - S/T
    Communic - Bottom Deep
    Coffinshakers - S/T
    Charring Cross - Sinsperation
    Diamond Dogs -The Grit & The Very Soul
    Diamond Dogs - Set Fire To It All
    Death Dealer - War Master
    Driver - Countdown
    Digger - Stronger than Ever (retrospect)
    Desperado - Bloodied but Unbowed
    The Electrics - Old New Borrowed and Green
    Electric Orange - Cyberdelic
    Electric Boys - Them Boys Done Swang
    Epysode - S/T
    Farcry- Optimism
    Forte - Inviticus (Divebomb)
    Gentle Giant - Civilian (1980)
    Great White - Great White
    Great White - Shot in the Dark
    Great White - Let it Rock
    Ghoultown - Boots of Hell
    Generation Swine - Dirty Lovin'
    Guy Mann-Dude - Sleight of Hand
    Hank Mobley - Mobley's message
    Hank Mobley - Dippin
    Hot Leg - Red Light Fever
    Heathen - Breaking the Silence/Pray for Death
    Heathen - Recovered
    Hawkwind - Take me to your leader
    Hidria Spacefolk - Violently Hippy remixes
    Instanzia - Ghosts
    Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88
    Iron Maiden - Best of the B-Sides
    Immortal Souls -IV: The Requiem For The Art Of Death
    Jackie McLean - Capuchin Swing
    Jerusalem - Prophet
    knock out Kaine - House of Sins
    King Karma - Mama Pride
    Kings of the Sun - ST
    Kingfisher Sky - Silence of the Earth
    Krokus - To You All/Painkiller
    Krokus - Stampede
    Krokus - Round 13
    Laaz Rockit - Nothing Sacred
    Lou Donaldson - Time Is Right
    Legs Diamond - S/T
    lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast
    Lordi - Scarchives Vol. 1
    Lechery - In Fire
    Lucifers Friend - Where the Groupies Killed the Blues (1972)
    Lucifers Friend - I'm Just a Rock & Roll Singer (1973)
    Lucifers Friend - Banquet (1974)
    Lionville - S/T
    McCully Workshop - The Best Of McCully Workshop (2010)
    Nasty Idols - Kalifornia
    Neal Morse - One
    Neal Morse - Momentum
    Neal Morse - Testimony
    Neal Morse - ?
    Off The Edge - Site Under Construction
    Outlaws - Ghost Riders
    Outloud - More Catastrophe
    Phantom Rocker & Slick - S/T
    Pretty Maids - Motherland
    Parish - Envision
    Pompeii Nights - Rather Die Than Living In Boundaries
    Ted Poley - Smile
    Psyhotic waltz - Into the Evenflow
    Q5 - Steel the Light
    Rebellion - Born a Rebel (2003)
    Rebellion - Miklagard — The History of the Vikings Volume 2 (2007)
    Rebellion - Arise: From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök — The History of the Vikings Volume III (2009)
    Rebellion - "The Clans Are Marching" [EP] (2009)
    Rebellion - Arminius - Furor Teutonicus (2012)
    Reverance - When Darkness Calls
    Reckless Love - born to break your heart
    Rolling Stones - GRRR!
    Rolling Stones - Shine a Light
    Revolution Renaissance - Trinity
    Rhapsody - Triumph or Agony +2 (w/Defenders Of Gaia and A New Saga Begins)
    Rhapsody - Reign of Terror (Single)
    Rhapsody - Sea of Fate (Single)
    Skip James - Hard Times Killin Floor
    Skip James - Skip James (Vanguard Visionaries)
    Stratovarius - Nemesis
    Suicidal Tendencies - 13
    Stingray - S/T
    Stingray - Revisited
    Slain - Here and Beyond
    Shotgun Express - Gypsy Blues
    Seks - Harder Than You
    Skiltron - Beheading the Liars
    Skiltron - The Highland Way
    Sodom - In war and Pieces
    Sulo - Rough Diamonds
    Stryken - First Strike +9
    Supagroup - Hail, Hail
    Teramaze - Tears to Dust
    Tora Tora - Revolution Day
    Treat - Scratch and Bite (1985) remaster fine
    Tara’s secret - Vertigo
    Upper Crust - Entitled
    Upper Crust - Revenge of Imagined Slights
    Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home
    White Sister - S/T
    White Wizzard - Devils Cut
    Wicked Jester - Royalty Sux
    Witchhammer - 1487
    Wig Wam - Wall Street
    Wig Wam - In My Dreams
    Zephaniah - Book of Metal

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