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CDs for trade

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by exact3, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. exact3

    exact3 Member

    Mar 31, 2003
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    PM me here! There is a mix of stuff. I am willing to do 2 or 3 for 1 for something on my wantlist on the more common titles. Also willing to sell so if you see something make an offer.

    3 Inches of Blood Advance and Vanquish 2004 Roadrunner Records
    .38 Special The Very Best of the A&M Years 2003 A&M Records
    69 Eyes, The Back in Blood 2009 The End Records
    Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987 Geffen Records
    Aerosmith Pump 1989 Geffen Records
    Airkraft In the Red 1990 Premiere Records (missing front cover)
    Algebra Polymorph Procreation 2013 Stormspell Records
    Alias Alias 1990 Capitol Records
    Altitudes and Attitude Altitudes and Attitude (Digi) 2014 Megaforce Records
    America The Complete Greatest Hits 2001 Warner Brothers Records
    Amoral Show Your Colors 2009 Spinefarm Records
    Animal Bag Animal Bag 1992 PolyGram Records
    April Wine The Nature of the Beast 1981 Capitol Records
    April Wine Attitude 1993 Fre Records
    Arabs in Aspic Pictures in a Dream 2013 Black Widow Records
    Arcade Arcade 1993 Sony Records
    Arcade A/2 1994 Sony Records
    Arcana Arcana 1995 Escape Records
    Asgard Dark Horizon 2008 Kathargo Records
    Asia Alpha 1983 Geffen Records
    Asia Astra 1985 Geffen Records
    Asia Aqua 1993 Great Pyramids Records
    Asia Aria 1994 Mayhem Records
    Asia Aura 2001 Windstorm Records
    Asia Phoenix 2008 Frontiers Records
    AtmOsfear Zenith 2009 Prog Rock Records
    Axxis Time Machine 2005 Locomotive Records
    Axtion Lookout for the Night 2006 Retrospect Records
    Bad English Bad English 1989 CBS Records
    Baird, Dan Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired 1992 Def American Records
    Bang Tango Psycho Cafe 1989 MCA Records
    Barbe-Q-Barbies All Over You 2010 Sound of Finland Records
    Baton Rouge Shake Your Soul 1990 Atlantic Records
    Baton Rouge Lights Out on the Playground 1991 EastWest Records
    Battle Bratt Battle Bratt +4 1987/2006 Battlecry Records
    Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures 2001 Warner Brothers Records
    Beautiful Creatures Deuce 2005 Eagle Rock Records
    Beck, Jeff Blow by Blow 1975 Epic Records
    Birds and Buildings Multipurpose Trap 2013 Emkog Records
    Blackthorne Afterlife 1993 Independent
    Bloodbound Tabula Rasa 2009 Blistering Records
    Bloodpit Into the Pit 2007 Sony Records
    Blind Guardian And Then There Was Silence EP 2001 Century Media Records
    Blind Guardian Another Stranger Me 2007 Nuclear Blast Records
    Blue Murder Blue Murder 1989 Geffen Records
    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits 1994 Capitol Records
    Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits 2 2003 Capitol Records
    Bone Shaker Bang! Your Dead 2007 Turkey Vulture Records
    Bon Jovi Crossroad 1994 Polygram Records
    Breaker Get Tough! 2 CD 2008 Locomotive Records
    Brian Setzer Orchestra The Dirty Boogie 1998 Interscope Records
    Brian Setzer Orchestra Dig that Crazy Christmas 2005 Surfdog Records
    Brainstorm Memorial Roots 2009 AFM Records
    BulletBoys Bulletboys 1988 Warner Brothers Records
    Captain Beyond Captain Beyond 1972 Polygram Records
    Captain Beyond Sufficiently Breathless 1973 Polygram Records
    Captain Beyond Dawn Explosion 1977/2008 Warner Brother Records
    Cars, The The Cars 1978 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Candy-O 1979 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Shake It Up 1981 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Heartbeat City 1984 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Greatest Hits 1985 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Door to Door 1987 Elektra Records
    Cars, The Move Like This 2011 Hear Music Records
    Charm City Devils Sins 2012 Entertainment One Records
    Cherry Poppin Daddies Zoot Suit Riot 1997 Space Ace Records
    Chris Duarte Group Texas Sugar 1999 Zamba Records
    Clapton, Eric Timepieces 1982 PolyGram Records
    Cochrane, Tom Mad Mad World 1991 Capitol Records
    Cold Chisel Best of Cold Chisel 1991 Warner Records
    Confess The Gin Act 2012 Sliptrick Records
    Confess Jail 2014 SG Records
    Contraband Contraband 1991 Impact Records
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle: Volume 1 1991 Fantasy Records
    Crosswind Opposing Forces/Beyond 2010 Stormspell Records
    Crush This... 2008 Retrospect Records
    Cry Wolf Crunch 1990 Grand Slamm Records
    Dammaj Mutiny +5 (Signed) 1984/2012 Skol Records
    Dangerous Toys Pissed 1994 DMZ Records
    Day of Fire Days of Fire 2004 Provident Records
    Dead On Dead On 2 CD 1989/2012 Divebomb Records
    Destillery Immortal Sun 1999 Iron Glory Records
    Destillery Behind the Mask 2000 Iron Glory Records
    Destynation Rising Up 2006 Sonic Age Records
    Diagonal The Second Mechanism 2012 Metal Blade Records
    Dio Holy Diver (re-master) 1983/2005 Mercury Records
    Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists 2005 Reprise Records
    Disturbed Indestructible 2008 Reprise Records
    Disturbed Asylum 2010 Reprise Records
    Divided Multitude Inner Self 1999 Sensory Records
    Dokken Breaking the Chains 1983 Elektra Records
    Dokken Under Lock and Key 1985 Elektra Records
    Dokken Tooth and Nail 1984 Elektra Records
    Dokken Back for the Attack 1987 Elektra Records
    Dokken, Don Up from the Ashes 1990 Geffen Records
    Donna's, The Spend the Night 2002 Atlantic Records
    Doobie Brothers Best of the Doobies 1976 Warner Brothers Records
    Drivin N Cryin Fly Me Courageous 1990 Island Records
    Drivin N Cryin Smoke 1993 Island Records
    Dungeon A Rise to Power 2003 LMP Records
    Dungeon One Step Beyond 2005 LMP Records
    Dylan, Bob Oh Mercy 1989 CBS Records
    Dylan, Bob The Essential Bob Dylan 2 CD 2000 Sony Records
    Dynazty Knock You Down 2011 Avalon Records
    Econoline Crush The Devil You Know 1998 Restless Records
    Econoline Crush Brand New History 2001 EMI Records
    Eldritch Seeds of Rage +5 (with poster) 1995/2006 Limb Records
    Eldritch Headquake +4 (with poster) 1997/2006 Limb Records
    Eldritch El Nino +6 (with poster) 1998/2007 Limb Records
    Electric Boys Groovus Maximus 1992 Atlantic Records
    Electric Age Electric Age 2013 Tribunal Records
    Enya Watermark 1988 Reprised Records
    Enya Shepherds Moon 1991 Reprise Records
    Europe The Final Countdown 1986 Epic Records
    Europe Out of This World 1988 Epic Records
    Extreme Extreme 1989 A&M Records
    Extreme II: Pornographiti 1990 A&M Records
    Fair To Midland Arrows and Anchors 2011 Entertainment One Records
    Fight War of Words 1990 Sony Records
    Fight A Small Deadly Place 1995 Sony Records
    Flame Flame 1992 Giant Records
    Forbidden Forbidden Evil 1988 Relativity Records
    Forbidden Twisted into Form +3 2 1990/1998 Crntury Media Records
    Forte Stranger than Fiction +11 1992/2011 Divebomb Records
    Forte Division 1994 Sonic Underground Records
    Forte Destructive 1997 Fandango Records
    Freakshow Freakshow 2009 Retrospect Records
    Galloglass Legends from Now and Nevermore +1 2003 LMP Records
    Galloglass Heavenseeker +2 CD/DVD (Digi) 2005 LMP Records
    Gas Giants From Beyond the Back Burner 1999 Atomic Pop Records
    Giant Last of the Runaways 1989 A&M Records
    Giant Time to Burn 1992 Sony Records
    Gin Blossoms Up and Crumbling 1991 A&M Records
    Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience 1992 A&M Records
    Gin Blossoms Congratulations I'm Sorry 1996 A&M Records
    Gin Blossoms Major Lodge Victory 2006 Hybrid Records
    Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience Rarities Edition 2010 Universal Records
    Gin Blossoms No Chocolate Cake 2010 429 Records
    Golden Earring The Continuing Story of Radar Love 1989 MCA Records
    Goodbye Thrill Goodbye Thrill 2007 Kivel Records
    Goodbye Thrill Outrageous 2010 Kivel Records
    Goodbye Thrill Keepsakes 2010 Kivel Records
    Grand Lux Carved in Stone 2007 Ulterium Records
    Griffin No Holds Barred 2003 FaceFront Records
    Guardian Miracle Mile 1992 Pakaderm Records
    Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction 1987 Geffen Records
    Guns and Roses Use Your Illusion I 1991 Geffen Records
    Guns and Roses Use Your Illusion II 1991 Geffen Records
    Gus G. I am the Fire (Digi) 2014 Century Media Records
    Halford Resurrection 2000 Metal Is Records
    Halford Crucible +2 2002 Metal Is Records
    Headspace I am Anonymous 2012 InsideOut Records
    Heavens Wish Heavens Wish 2008 Retrospect Records
    Heir Apparent Graceful Inheritance 1999 Hellion Records
    Hermann, John Just Aint Right 2004 Spoiled Rotten Records
    Hidden, The Fearful Symmetry 2014 Divebomb Records
    Hoax Sound Like This 1994 Atlantic Records
    Holy Cross Under the Flag 2009 Pure Steel Records
    In the Silence A Fair Dream Gone Mad 2013 Sensory Records
    Jackyl Jackyl 1992 Geffen Records
    Jackyl Push Comes to Shove 1994 Geffen Records
    Jade Warrior Kites 1976/2010 Esoteric Records
    Jade Warrior Way of the Sun 1978/2010 Esoteric Records
    Jerusalem Jerusalem 1972/2004 Estrella Rockera Records
    Johnson, LaMont 242 E. 3rd 1998 Masterscores Records
    Joseph Magazine Night of the Red Sky 2011 Independent
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Trouble is.. 1997 Revolution Records
    Kill for Thrills Dynamite from Nightmareland 1990 MCA Records
    King Diamond Fatal Portait/Abigail 2 CD +5 2003 Roadrunner Records
    Kingdom Come Kingdom Come 1988 Polygram Records
    King of Kings King of Kings 1991 Geffen Records
    Knifeworld The Unravelling 2014 InsideOut Records
    Kotipelto Waiting for the Dawn 2002 Century Media Records
    L.A. Guns L.A. Guns 1988 Polygram Records
    L.A. Guns Cocked and Loaded 1989 Polygram Records
    L.A. Guns Hollywood Vampires 1991 Polygram Records
    Lava Lava 2008 Sulatron Records
    Law and Order Rites of Passage 1991 MCA Records
    Lee, Geddy My Favorite Headache 2000 Atlantic Records
    Legacy Legacy 2010 Eonian Records
    Legend Anthology 2 CD 2009 Forged in Fire Records
    Legend Maker Lies Bleeding the Blind 2003 Vortex Records
    Lemmus Lemmus Lemmus Lemmus 2008 Naked Lemming Records
    Leverage Tides +2 2008 Frontiers Records
    Leverage Blind Fire 2008 Frontiers Records
    Leverage Circus Colossus 2009 Spinefarm/FONO Records
    Little Caesar Little Caesar 1990 Geffen Records
    Litmus Planetfall 2007 Candlelight USA Records
    Lonewolf March into the Area/Unholy Paradise 2002&2004/2011 Skol Records
    Lord Set in Stone +1 2009 Dominus Records
    Lusk Free Mars 1992 Vulcano Records
    Lynyrd Skynyrd All Time Greatest Hits 2000 MCA Records
    Magnolia Thunderfinger A Lot of Motor Under Your Wheels 1996 Fangerbang Records
    Magnolia Thunderfinger Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa 1998 Fangerbang Records
    Magnolia Thunderfinger Almost Level with the Ground 2002 Blackliner Records
    Marillion Script for a Jesters Tear 1983 Capitol Records
    Marillion Misplaced Childhood 1985 Capitol Records
    Marillion Six of One / Half Dozen of the Other 1992 EMI Records
    Mars Volta, The De-Loused in the Comatorium 2003 Universal Records
    Mars Volta, The Frances the Mute 2005 Universal Records
    McGuinn, Roger Back from Rio 1991 Arista Records
    McLean, Don American Pie 1980 EMI Records
    Metal Law Night of the Wolf 2007 Battle Cry Records
    Midnight Oil Diesel and Dust 1988 Columbia Records
    Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mining 1990 Columbia Records
    Militia Fiend of Misery 2010 Stormspell Records
    Mithotyn Gathered Around the Oaken Table 1999/2003 Hammerheart/FONO Records
    Mojo Gurus Lets Get Lit 2009 Independent Records
    Molly Hatchet No Guts, No Glory 1983 Sony Records
    Molly Hatchet Greatest Hits (Expanded) 1990 Sony Records
    Molly Hatchet Devils Canyon 1996 FLG Mayhem Records
    Molly Hatchet Kingdom of XII 2001 CMC Records
    Monroe, Michael Not Fakin It 1989 Polygram Records
    Morbid Jester Gates to Valhalla 1999 Iron Glory Records
    Mott the Hopple Greatest Hits +2 2003 Sony Records
    Mr. Big Lean Into It 1991 Atlantic Records
    Mr. Big Bump Ahead 1993 Atlantic Records
    Mr. Big What If... 2011 Frontiers Records
    Musselwhite, Charlie Ace of Harps 1990 Alligator Records
    Myles, Alannah Myles, Alannah 1989 Atlantic Records
    Mystery, The The World is a Game 2012 Unicorn Records
    Nazareth Hair of the Dog 1975 A&M Records
    Neil, Vince Exposed 1993 Warner Brothers Records
    Nitefall Red Moon Rising 2009 Stormspell Records
    Noisy Mama Everybody has One 1991 Atlantic Records
    Ocean Blue Ocean Blue 1989 Sire Records
    Ocean Blue Cerulean 1991 Sire Records
    Ocean Blue Beneath the Rhythm and Sound 1993 Sire Records
    Ocean Blue See 1996 Mercury Records
    Ocean Blue Waterworks 2004 Independent
    Ocean Blue Davey Jones' Locker 2001 March Records Records
    October 31 Meet Thy Maker 1999 RIP Records
    October 31 No Survivors 2004 Thrash Corner Records
    Olympus Mons Conquistador 2004 LMP
    Omen Battle Cry 1984 Metal Blade Records
    Omen Warning of Danger 1985/1987 Metal Blade Records
    Omen The Curse/Nightmares 1986 Metal Blade Records
    Onward Evermoving 2001 Century Media Records
    Onward Reawaken 2002 Century Media Records
    Onward The Neverending Sun 2007 Metalbolic Records
    Ordained Fate Ordained Fate 1992 Wonderland Records
    Pariah To Mock a Killingbird 1993 Geffen Records
    Pittman, Monte The Power of Three 2014 Metal Blade Records
    Poison 20 Years of Rock 2006 Capitol Records
    Poisonblack Esacpexstacy (Digi) 2003 Scarecrow Records
    Power Quest Master of Illusion 2008 Napalm Records
    Quiet Riot Metal Health 1983 CBS Records
    Quireboys From Tooting to Barking 1995 Griffin Records
    Red Dragon Cartel Red Dragon Cartel (Digi) 2014 Frontiers Records
    Reign of Fury World Detonation 2013 Stormspell Records
    Reo Speedwagon The Hits 1988 CBS Records
    Revolution Renaissance New Era 2008 Frontiers Records
    Revolution Renaissance Age of Aquarius 2009 SPV Records
    Rex Carroll Band That was Then, This is Now 2010 Retroactive Records
    Ride the Sky New Protection +1 2007 Nuclear Blast Records
    Rocket from the Crypt Scream, Dracula, Scream 1995 Interscope Records
    Rocket from the Crypt RFTC 1998 Interscope Records
    The Rockin Johnny Band Man's Temptation 1999 Delmark Records
    Roxx Gang Things You've Never Done Before 1988 Virgin Records
    Rubicon Cross Rubicon Cross 2014 Raider Rock Records
    Sacrificed, The 2012 2010 Roxx Records
    Sacrificed, The III 2012 Roxx Records
    Sandalinas Living on the Edge 2005 Nightmare Records
    Sandstone Delta Viridian 2013 Limb Records
    Screaming Jets, The All for One 1991 rooArt Records
    Screaming Jets, The Tear of Thought 1992 rooArt Records
    Seven Ten Love and War 2003 Independent
    Shadows, The It Aint Easy Being Sleazy 1993 Wild Dog Records
    Shadowkeep A Chaos Theory 2002 SPV Records
    Shake City Shake City 2009 Eonian Records
    Sieges Even Paramount 2007 InsideOut Records
    Signal to Noise Ratio Stan Nieustalony 2008 MALS Records
    Sinergy Suicide by My Side 2002 Nuclear Blast Records
    Slammer The Work of Idle Hands 2012 Tribunal Records
    Slick Toxik Doin' the Nasty 1992 Capitol Records
    Small Faces, The Ogdens Nut Gone Flake 1968/1985 Castle Records
    Sodom Agent Orange 1989 SPV Records
    Sons of Liberty Brushfires of the Mind (Digi) 2010 Century Media Records
    Soundtrack of Our Lives Behind the Music 2002 Universal Records
    Soundtrack of Our Lives Origin Vol. 1 2005 Warner Music
    Spellblast Horns of Silence 2007 Metal Crusade Records
    Springsteen, Bruce Greatest Hits 1995 Columbia Records
    Squire, Billy Don't Say No 1981 Capitol Records
    Star Star The Love Drag Years 1992 Roadrunner Records
    State of Mind Memory Lane 2006 SPV Records
    Steel Horse Wild Power (#0680 of 1000) 2010 Stormspell Records
    Steppenwolf 16 Greatest Hits 1985 MCA Records
    Stereolab Emperor Tomato Ketchup 1996 Elektra Records
    Stereolab Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night 1999 Elektra Records
    Stereolab The First of the Microbe Hunters 2000 Elektra Records
    Stevens, Corey Blue Drops of Rain 1995 Azil Records
    Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion 2012 Roadrunner Records
    Street Legal Bite the Bullet 2009 Frontiers Records
    Strider Strider 2010 No Remorse Records
    Styx Grand Illusion 1977 A&M Records
    Styx Paradise Theater 1980 A&M Records
    Styx Edge of the Century 1990 A&M Records
    Supagroup Rules 2005 Foodchain Records
    Superior Moral Alliance 2014 Divebomb Records
    Survivor Greatest Hits 1993 Scotti Bros Records
    Tangier Stranded 1991 Atlantic Records
    Thick Richard Back on Track 2009 Retrospect Records
    Third Ending, The The Third Ending 2006 Progrock Records
    Timeless Hall Timeless Hall 2010 Steel Legacy Records
    Titan Force All What It Is 2001 Hellion Records
    Tracii Guns' League of Gentlemen The First Record 2013 Shrapnel Records
    Turisas The Varangian Way 2007 Century Media Records
    TV in Flames Drool 1993 Reprise Records
    Ultimatum Puppet of Destruction +3 2 CD (w/Fatal Delay) 1998/2009 Roxx Records
    Underride One of Us 2008 Independent
    Underride Distorted Nation 2011 SMI Records
    Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards 1972 PolyGram Records
    Vanden Plas The God Thing 1997 InsideOut Records
    Viron Ferrum Gravis 2008 Metal Heaven Records
    Vougan Mind Exceeding 2007 Independent
    War Babies War Babies 1992 Sony Records
    Warpipe Hole in the Heavens 1991 Artful Balance Records
    Wedding Party Anthems 1998 MCM Records
    Who, The Tommy 1969/2006 Universal Records
    Who, The Who's Better, Who's Best 1988 MCA Records
    Wicked Minds From the Purple Skies 2005 Black Widow Records
    Wicked Minds Witchflower CD/DVD 2006 Black Widow Records
    Wildside Under the Influence 1992 Capitol Records
    Winterborn Cold Reality 2006 Massacre Records
    Winterborn Farewell to Saints 2009 Massacre/Irond Records
    Wintersun Wintersun 2004 Nuclear Blast Records
    Wintersun Time I 2012 Nuclear Blast Records
    Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash 1970 MCA Records
    Wishbone Ash Argus +3 1972/2002 MCA Records
    Wolfmother Wolfmother 2006 Modular Records
    Wolfmother Cosmic Egg 2009 Modular Records
    World War III World War III 2008 Retrospect Records
    Young Heart Attack Mouthful of Love 2003 XL Records

    Adrian Gale - Feel the Fire
    Adrian Gale - Re:program
    Adrian Gale - Crunch
    Apocrypha Area 54
    Anathema - Serenades (1993)
    Anathema - The Silent Enigma (1995)
    Anathema - Eternity (1996)
    Anekdoten - Vermod
    Anekdoten - Nucleus
    Arthemis - Damned Ship
    Artch - For the Sake of Mankind
    Barren Cross - Birth Pangs
    Bullet - Storm of Blades
    Beardfish - Into the Void
    Babyjane - In the spotlight
    Babylon Bombs - Babylon's Burning
    Black Sabbath - Born Again
    Bonafide - Ultimate Rebel
    Bloodbound - In the Name of Metal
    Bloodbound - Unholy Cross
    Boysvoice - Dirty Talks
    Burning Black - remission of Sin
    Cauldron - Burning Fortune
    Cauldron - Tomorrows lost deluxe
    Civil War - The Civil War EP (ex. Sabaton)
    Civil War - The Killer Angels (ex. Sabaton)
    Coffinshakers - S/T
    Charring Cross - Sinsperation
    Diamond Dogs -The Grit & The Very Soul
    Diamond Dogs - Set Fire To It All
    Death Dealer - War Master
    Driver - Countdown
    Enforcer - Into the Night
    Farcry- Optimism
    Free Spirit - All The Shades Of Darkened Lights
    Freedom Call - Beyond (Box)
    Fireforce - Deathbringer
    Gentle Giant - Civilian (1980)
    Great White - Elation
    Great White - Great White
    Great White - Shot in the Dark
    Great White - Let it Rock
    Ghoultown - Boots of Hell
    Gotthard - Bang!
    Hurricane Slave to the Thrill
    Heathen - Breaking the Silence/Pray for Death
    Heathen - Recovered
    Instanzia - Ghosts
    Intruder A Higher Form Of Killing
    Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88
    Iron Maiden - Best of the B-Sides
    kick axe - vices
    Krokus - To You All/Painkiller
    Krokus - Stampede
    Krokus - Round 13
    Lordi - Scare Force One
    Lonewolf - The Fourth And Final Horseman
    Lechery - In Fire
    Myrath - Tales of Sands
    McCully Workshop - The Best Of McCully Workshop (2010)
    Nektar - Prodigal Son
    Neal Morse - ?
    Neal Morse - S/T
    Neal Morse - Songs For November
    Neal Morse - Cover to Cover
    Pretty Maids - Motherland
    Outloud - Lets get Serious
    Parish - Envision
    Pompeii Nights - Rather Die Than Living In Boundaries
    Q5 - Steel the Light
    Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings of Steel
    Rocka Rollas - The Road to Destruction
    Royal Hunt - a life to die for
    Rebellion - Born a Rebel (2003)
    Rebellion - Miklagard — The History of the Vikings Volume 2 (2007)
    Rebellion - Arise: From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök — The History of the Vikings Volume III (2009)
    Rebellion - "The Clans Are Marching" [EP] (2009)
    Rebellion - Arminius - Furor Teutonicus (2012)
    Sonata Arctica - Pariahs Child
    Suicidal Tendencies - 13
    Shotgun Express - Gypsy Blues
    Seks - Harder Than You
    Sulo - Rough Diamonds
    Thomsen - Unbroken
    Treat - Scratch and Bite (1985) remaster fine
    Unbreakable - Knockout
    Vandenberg's Moonkings - S/t
    Veni Domine - 23:59
    Veni Domine - Tha Album of Labour
    Veni Domine - Tongues
    Voodoo Circle - Voodoo Circle (2008)
    Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome (2011)
    Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home
    White Wizzard - Devils Cut
    WASP - Still Not Black Enough
    WASP - Helldorado
    WASP - The Neon God: Part 1 – The Rise
    WASP - Dominator
    WASP - Golgotha

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