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Cellador - Bringing Power Metal To The Mainstream

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by BrandonS, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Lloyd/Coco

    Lloyd/Coco Guest

    fuck this this whole site
  2. Entropiastrife

    Entropiastrife keeper of the keys

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Actually Dragonforce were pretty popular in europe and japan after their first album, they could pack clubs and tour, ect. Infact they were and have been on the radio in the UK since the beginning. They seem like an overnight sensation here in the US, but that is just because the US is the musically retarded cousin of europe and asia.

    Cellador are clearly cashing on on dragonforces success and stealing their songwriting aspects and melding it with the other traditional power metal bands like helloween. Actually my opinion of cellador has changed since my post below, I respect them more than I did from repeat listenings, but Dragonforce are still in a league above them.
  3. Son of Evil

    Son of Evil Member

    Feb 10, 2007
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    Dragonforce had no songwriting abilities to begin with anyway. Though 'Soldiers of the Wasteland' is kinda good, I can never differentiate or remember their songs.

    Still, I listen to them once in a while. And as far as live shows go, I am currently in India, so no go for me.:cry:

    Cellador are in the 'meh' category too. Both DF and Cellador are boring, and I just hope people don't come to their conclusions about Power Metal in general based on these bands.

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