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- Check Out "Midnight Coven" -

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by Aaron Baker, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Aaron Baker

    Aaron Baker New Metal Member

    Aug 26, 2018
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    Midnight Coven is a Rock/Metal/Doom project led by 26 year old Aaron Baker. Heavily influenced by Ozzy era Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Uncle Acid, Megadeth, and many others. Midnight Coven has released a total of 7 albums to date. Fantastic riffs/solos and melodies, with a touch of keyboards, and Lyrics influenced by esoteric knowledge and Anarchy, and everyday life. Band members are wanted, but have not yet unfolded. Un-released material exists, and should be out in the near future. If you are interested, here are some links. Enjoy!

    - Aaron Baker


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