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Chickenhawk – ‘Its kind of like having a baby’

Discussion in 'Unsigned Spotlights' started by Perkele, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Chickenhawk – ‘Its kind of like having a baby’
    By Katalin Sipos

    Being innovative in music might mean that people will not understand you, or will misinterpret your work. Leeds-based Chickenhawk proved a confusing first listen, but a few spins later, picture became clear. Every open minded music lover - who likes it guitar and groove orientated songs, spiced up with some some unique specialities - will find them attractive. Read on to get to know them a bit better…..

    Hi, and what are you currently up to?
    Hello, we are all lovely and cold… Currently writing new stuff, still playing at the Fenton in Leeds every week. Stick had a ball operation

    Let’s start the interview with your name, Chickenhawk. Whose innovative idea was it to give this name to the band? What’s the secret message behind this name?
    Robert Mason came up with the name, he told one of us in some bizarre drunken bathroom incident.

    Don’t you think having a name like this is not really fortunate with this bird-flu madness going on right now?
    We are trying to raise awareness of bird flu through the medium of song, particulary on the newer stuff. See our website for more details

    Would you care to introduce the band members, and give us a short history?
    Stick:drums and vocals
    Ryan:Bass and some vocals
    Princess Fuckhead: guitar
    Short history: We started messing about in our basement over a year ago, for some reason it spawned 5 songs we ended up doing a gig in January in Leeds since then we’ve done over 50 gigs around Britain, Chickenhawk is kind of a mistake. As Ryan and Stick we’re in another band together and for some reason this just took priority and became this sort of beast with 3 tours done in a year!
    You released a demo this year. What kind of reactions have you got so far?
    Mostly positive ones; some proclaim us as innovative, others as idiots. No one really has been able to pin us down, we must’ve been compared to about 30 bands so far. The best ever comment we had was after a gig in Nottingham ‘Chickenhawk, I feel like I’ve just been told off’

    What do you think, has Chickenhawk been misunderstood by the people?
    I think a lot of people don’t really get it. When we play to people who haven’t seen us before I think a lot of them are confused, we often don’t get much clapping between songs its mostly ‘what the hell is this’!

    Have you contacted record labels with this demo? Or is it too early to talk about things like That?
    I think it’s very early for anything like that, I’m not really sure we’re the type of band to be offered a record deal anyway. Putting stuff out ourselves and splits with other bands is the way forward at the moment.

    Where did you record the songs?
    We recorded the songs just around the corner from our house at Ghost Town Studios in Leeds. We recorded the three songs in a day then did overdubs another day and took a couple of days to mix it. Ross and Simon of Ghost town fame are pretty and lovely and very affordable.

    What are the musical influences of Chickenhawk?
    I guess boredom of routines and bored of most music that’s out there, I guess we could say we try to make it interesting or weird or whatever but we never really try and write a certain type of song thats just what happens when the 3 idiots are in a room together.
    What bands would you compare Chickenhawk?
    Keane… there are 3 members
    The eagles…singing drummer

    When I asked for the lyrics, you said you wanted to keep it mysterious… but basically, what are your songs about?
    The imminent demise of the universe and our eventual assimilation to the planet Ebor. 21st century paranoia…….

    Musicwise I really like what you are doing, but I’m not sure if you should be taken 100% seriously or not… what’s your advice to people who are listening to your songs?
    Put the CD in silver side down, turn up the volume and wish you were in this band.

    Which bands or albums had impacts on you, on Chickenhawk?
    We’re all into different stuff: Oxes, Melvins, Mastodon, Dream Theatre and Danny Elfman are current favourites I do believe.

    The demo contains only three songs, have you got more songs been written already ?
    We have about 5 songs with more being written at the moment for releases/splits next year.

    What is the song writing process like for the band?
    Argumentative, its kind of like having a baby, exciting at first a lot of struggling and pain then when its all done its worth it and you can feed it on your breast.

    How much time do you spend with the band generally?
    Most days we see each other, the beast that is Chickenhawk takes up most of our spare time, sorting out gigs, promoting etc….. We are friends and we hug a lot.

    How many opportunity do you have to play live?
    Locally lots of opportunities which kind of leads to no one showing up as they know you’ll be playing next week. Outside of Leeds is a bit harder we’re trying to get out and about more, luckily we’ve met a few brilliant people who are willing to help us out in other towns and cities.
    How is your local metal scene?
    Diverse, may different styles, its real tough competition but in a healthy way, theres loads of gigs on each night so we we’re putting on a gig we try and make it one we’d want to come and see.

    Do you play cover songs?
    Not yet, but soon, just you wait….

    Best or worst gig memory?
    Best and Worst gig: A house gig we played a few months ago, awesome response from people there, but Ryan’s Bass neck got snapped when another band borrowed it.

    What’s next for Chickenhawk? Plans, schedule etc?
    Tours and releases next year, many more gigs………

    Thanks a lot for your time. Anything you would like to add?
    Can we have a gig in Hungary please? Thanks

    Official Chickenhawk website
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