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CHINCHILLA- "The last Millennium" out March 26th in North America

Discussion in 'Metal News' started by Mark, Feb 21, 2002.

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    Apr 11, 2001
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    CHINCHILLA- "The last Millennium" out March 26th in North America

    'First of all we have a new bass player, his name is Josh and a new drummer his name is Rob. We've got excellent feedbacks for "The Last Millennium" from our fans. Lots of interviews showing me the interest for our band, a lot of congratulations. Know we are with Demon and Tad Morose on European tour from the 19th.Feb till the 30th. March and we will play shows in France, Belgian, Nederland, Italy, Germany and Austria. After that we play a couple of headliner gigs in Germany, like we did it the years before. In the beginning of May we are again on tour, we play a 6 or 10-Day Tour with Paul Di Anno and Killers.

    Once again we produced our new album "The Last Millennium" with Achim Köhler at the House of Music in Winterbach, Germany - a place not so far away from our homes - and in my opinion the result is absolutely superb. Achim Köhler is an excellent engineer and producer, I think without any doubt, one of the best in Germany.

    "The Last Millenium" handles from the weakness of the human kind. The ambitions for power, glory and wealth, there for they do everything. For everything in our lives you have to pay a price, there is always the differences between good and bad, black and white and you have to find a decision, in the end, if you are dead there is the big purgatory and there is always your own bill, which you have to pay for and the amount of your bill dependent always on your efforts. That's coarse the lyrics from "The Last Millennium" acts.'

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