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Choosing a fretless bass

Discussion in 'Steve DiGiorgio' started by Bassbarata, May 3, 2009.

  1. Bassbarata

    Bassbarata Still a Stranger

    Dec 16, 2008
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    Hello again SDG!
    Im[finally:headbang:] going to get a fretless bass!After all these months,i figured out a way to afford one here in my country[Instruments are really expensive here in BraSil],then master, i want to know,how i can choose a fretless bass?

    I was wondering...i really apreciate jazz,and Im heavily influenced by Jaco Pastorius,should i get one of his signatures basses?I really like them,but i dont know if im going to feel comfortable with a Jazz Bass...

    Thanks SDG!:worship:
  2. Allfader

    Allfader Kvelding

    Mar 14, 2006
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    Near Mountains
    No SDG but a fretless bassist anyway :p

    To choose an instrument IMO depends on many things.

    1- The cash.

    2- The sound that more or less you are looking for, considering your own influences and style (to replicate the sound from another bassist it's not really good). For fretless bass I prefer the handmade, but they are way expensive.

    3- The Aesthetic that you prefer (Vintage like Ric, Gretch or Fender, Rock like LTD/ESP - Classic like Gibson/Epi, "Brutal" like BC Rich, handmade ones like the SDG's Thor bass, Listerud's Tyr from Borknagar, Jerzy Drozd, Ken Smith or any bass made by luthier or look like that.

    To buy a used bass is sometimes a great option.

    The most important thing here it's to play a lot of basses, then you'll have the criteria to choose the right one. Ask for it on the stores and search for the best combination of the aforementioned elements and let your ear decide.

    If you can't find fretless, buy a fretted and ask to a luthier to do the job (usually that's cheaper than to buy the 'factory made' fretless).

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