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Chris Stevenson leaves The Eternal

Discussion in 'Firebox Records' started by jpmuikku, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. jpmuikku

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Csongrad, Hungary

    We are very sad to announce that after much contemplation Chris has decided to leave the band. Chris was the founding member with Mark back in 2003 and after 5 fantastic years he has decided to move on. We wish him the best, we all remain great friends and we will not rule out that if Chris wishes to return in the future he may. We will continue as a 4 piece and will not be looking for a replacement at this point. A statement from Chris:

    Hi all,
    No good can come from these statements and this one is no exception. I am saddened to announce that I have made the decision to depart The Eternal, a decision that was not easy to make and was a long time coming.

    The Eternal was basically my life for a good 5 years and I loved every single moment of it! It was also an extremely gruelling experience, which at times took its toll on me on a personal level. I gotta say it is hard work for everyone involved - not just me, but I am pretty damn good at stressing out all the time! So I guess what I am trying to say is that while my heart wanted me to go on, my head needed a rest! Right from the start the band meant the world to me and still does. If anyone told me 7 years ago that I would help record 3 albums and do 2 European tours, I’d be convinced they were from another planet!

    I need to thank a lot of people but for the sake of keeping you all reading I will restrict it to being band related. First and foremost is Mark who I have known for more than half of my life and is like a brother with or without a band. I thank him for seeing something in me even when I was playing around with a Casio keyboard and a horrible beaten up guitar in my room and for giving me the most awesome opportunity to prove things to myself that I never thought possible. To James Hunt, Marty, Terry and Linc I am thankful for having the chance to share music, the stage and ultimately your friendships, it’s been and always will be an immense pleasure! The rest of the former members I thank for their time and talent in helping make The Eternal the great thing it is today. To everyone from promoters, to support bands, engineers blah blah blah thanks, every step has been a memorable experience! All my friends and family who have stuck by this odd little man with mad ideas over all the years. And lastly but in no way least, to the fans, I’ll still be going to the gigs and all so don’t be afraid to come and say “hello”, I’m always willing to talk about all things “The Eternal”.

    I am so proud of what the band has achieved in my time and will continue to watch as an avid fan and help out in any way I can. Make no mistake that the band will continue on and continue to grow, so everyone stay on board for the ride!
    - Chris

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