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Complete Piano Arrangement of the Haven Album

Discussion in 'Dark Tranquillity' started by Aeonai, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Aeonai

    Aeonai New Metal Member

    Feb 24, 2009
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    Hello Guys, it's been some time since I posted here the last time, but I figured out this could still be a place where I can discuss this stuff with Dark Tranquillity fans (and sadly Facebook isn't really a place to do this).

    Thing is, as I like playing Piano, I took the time and effort to turn "Haven" (the Album) into piano-sheets. I'm still improving here and there, but I think it's playable (also for non-trained pianists, as I myself am not particularly good at playing piano), and managed to conserve almost every bit of melody-line that I was able to hear.
    I created the Sheets using the free Software musescore, which is also able to show me what the arrangement would sound like. Because of that I'm overall very satisfied with how everything turned out.
    At the moment I have an arrangement for every single song on Haven, including the bonus tracks from the Exposures-EP ("In Sight", "Misery in Me", "Cornered"), they exist as pdfs, as musescore-files, and as .midi on my hard-drive.

    Althoug the original purpose was mainly to play the songs myself, I won't probably be able to perform all of these arrangements ever, because I have limited time and it takes me really long to actually learn to play something by heart on the piano. Arranging the songs was possible to me at many occasions where practising on a piano was not (being on the train, during break at work .... ) and I pretty mutch enjoyed it as mutch as piano playing (which basically is why I already started with transcribing songs from the "Damage Done"-album.
    Long Story Short: I did end up with a bunch of notes that would sound pretty nice, if somebody played them, but I most definitely won't ever play all of them.

    As a little disclaimer, I'd like to add that I got permission by Martin Brändström via his facebook account wether I was allowed to make privat transcriptions for myself. We never talked about sharing this arrangements with other people, because of that up until now they just remained on my computer. It is important to me that I don't want to do anything in the future that violates the rights and will of Dark Tranquillity towards their songs. Ultimatively this is music I have arranged, but not written in the first place, and if it's the wish of the band that I don't share those sheets for whatever reasons, I will respect that.

    That said, I really like the idea of sharing piano sheets with other people, who maybe can play piano better than I do and would like to play Dark Tranquillity Songs, but never had the time / energy / passion to create an arrangement themselfes. Which leads me to the the reason for making this thread:

    I'd like to share the my arrangements with everyone who likes Dark Tranquillity and / or Playing Piano, but up until now I don't yet know wether Dark Tranquillity approves the Idea.

    Up until now I tried to contact them again via a little handwritten letter and a usb-stick. Up until now they haven't responded yet.
    I'm reluctant to contact them again, as they probably just don't have the time to answer / bother / discuss this
    thing (which I find understandable, in the end this is not an important thing). However, the situation leaves me a bit helpless now, as I don't know how to proceed.
    Do you (the community) have another idea what to do?
    Maybe I should give it another go and try to contact them again, possibly annoying them? What would be a better way to contact them? Should I just let it go? Am I overthinking this and in reality the interest in piano sheets among the fanbase isn't really high?

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