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Conqueror Studios – Mixing/Mastering/Re-amping/Editing/Songwriting

Discussion in 'Merch Stand' started by Gujukal, Sep 10, 2014.

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    May 19, 2012
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    Conqueror Studios – Mixing/Mastering/Re-amping/Editing/Songwriting
    Soundcloud Profile

    Conqueror Studios is a new founded studio who offers professional music production services at an extremely affordable price. Our main genres is modern metal, metalcore, hardcore, rock etc but we accept all genres.

    Here are some work I've done in the last month:
    *Post-HC/Pop-Rock Song, Mix/Master
    *Metalcore Song, Mix/Master/Recording/Writing

    Here are some older work:
    *Hardcore Song, Mix/Master
    *Death Metal/Deathcore Song, Mix/Master

    Mastering example

    Mixing: $50 per song (mastering included)
    Mastering: $15 per song
    Re-amping: $10 per song
    Instrument and vocal-editing: Starting at $15 per song, depends on the amount of editing needed.
    Message me for prices on other services!

    Contact me for more information:

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