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Covid and incompetence

Discussion in 'Power Quest' started by Symphony, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Symphony

    Symphony PQ member

    Jan 8, 2002
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    Southampton, UK
    It's interesting when you consider the devolved government in Wales compared to what happens in England. In Wales it's a modern building as it is in so many countries nowadays and yet in England we are still kow-towing to tradition that long since lost any relevance.

    The younger generations today cannot relate to privileged, entitled folk acting like they should be punting on the Cam in the 1920's rather than understanding that they are actually supposed to be representing the interests of the nation, not just of their own little boorish club. This "ra ra" attitude is a particularly Tory problem as well. The youngsters are more likely to laugh in the face of such "toffs".

    I will be turning 49 next week and I genuinely can't believe the shambles this country finds itself in due to poor leadership and an attitude that pretty much seems to be "Do as we say, not as we do". A government that is unable to articulate its own rules in public should not be surprised to find that no-one really takes any notice. They lost the people in failing to deal with the Dominic Cummings affair. There was an opportunity to show that it matters not where you are in the pecking order.....rules are rules. But no, cowardice and fear got in the way as usual. A government that plainly does not have the "plumbs" to make laws rather than guidance. I can only imagine how this lot would have managed a war time be fair I've a pretty good idea of how that would pan out.

    There has to be some kind of accountability for all these mistakes and all these times the scientific advice has been ignored. In my occupation, if I spent my time blustering and making things up that are clearly not true I would not have a job for very long. It seems however that the opposite applies in government these days. The more you lie, the further you go......

    Looking across the pond and things don't get any better. How can two supposedly great nations end up with two ridiculous "leaders" who can barely string a sensible statement together in public and, despite this, people still cheer them on.

    I've worked from home for over 6 years and I understand that it is undoubtedly easier for someone like me to cope with the current situation but it's really not hard to stay at home and use common sense but therein lies the crux and one of the major failings. Common sense isn't "common" anymore and as long as the government keep banging on about trusting the common sense of the people they will be doomed to failure, as they lost the trust of the people months ago. It would be nice to hear some contrition as well. Plenty of world leaders around the world admit mistakes and their people appreciate their honesty. We don't seem to do honesty in the House of Commons these days, bluster is clearly the way forward.

    For those of you who don't "believe" in the's not Sunday, this isn't a church and this isn't a matter of faith". But there again some people believe anything they are told. Bleach anyone?

    And we have not even got to the absolute farce that is Brexit......

    At this rate......see you all in 2022 I would suggest.

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