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Current Sale List - May 4th 2007

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by PaulRawNerve, May 4, 2007.

  1. PaulRawNerve

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    Feb 20, 2002
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    Current Sale List (replaces all others) - May 4th 2007

    - Price includes delivery in the UK (Add £2 for first CD and £1 per CD for Europe/USA)
    - Spend £20 and get 2 free cds (£4 or under) as well as 3 free compilations.
    - If paying via paypal (preferred) please add 25p per cd (whatever its price) just to cover something towards charges. Thanks.
    - Paypal -
    - Cheque - Made to Paul Priest, sent to 24 Brooklyn Terrace, Armley, Leeds, LS12 2BX
    - Please email first to make sure item is still available.
    - This sale will run until the end of May and then everything will be put on ebay.
    - Offers for job lots more than welcome.

    First up, job lot of CDs (mostly in plastic slipcases or cardboard sleeves, but a few boxes as well), mixed styles, everything from indie, punk, hardcore, metal, death, thrash, metalcore etc.
    75 cds (list can be typed if you really want) - £20 inc. postage to anywhere in the UK.
    There is actually some mint stuff in here, but it's either duplicates or things I don't listen to any more.

    All the first 7 albums (and in the next month or so, album 8, 9 and remix album) are all currently available for just £1.25 as a downloadable release (Getting the full albums as .mp3 files at 192 kbps, all the artwork, liner notes and information sheet).
    Please go to for the direct links to buy any of them.

    Breaking Days - If looks could kill EP
    Faith No More - Last Cup of Sorrow EP
    Wasted - Suppress & Restrain (Punk)
    Tomorrow's Victim / Perverse / Moulded Flesh SPLIT
    Neglected Fields - Splenetic
    Uhrilehto - Vitutus Millenium
    Vore - Maleficus (US death metal)
    Destinity - Synthetic Existence
    Carnal Lust - s/t (French death metal)
    Ascension - s/t (German death metal)
    Sea of Tranquillity - The Omega Ruins
    Aeturnus Dominion - Semper Tyranis
    Amok - Hephaistos
    Arkhon - I am the skull
    Pogrom - Trotz Period
    Paimon - Metamorphine
    Grimforce - Circulation to conclusion
    Astro Zombies - Mutants
    Von Sirius - Mystical Doctryn
    Manipulated Slaves - Burst into blue flame
    Lunatic Gods - The Wilderness
    Melancholy Pessimism - Evil Planet
    Eminence - Humanology
    Mindripper - Kahos Humana
    Mortuary IOD - Distorted Massacre
    Kabbal - Synthetically Revived

    Burnt Offering - Walk of the dead
    Mutilation - Conflict Inside
    Emancer - Invisible
    Perverse - Blunt of Stench
    Pandemia - Spread the message
    Deinonychus - Ark of thought
    Ultralord - We hate you and hope you die (Harsh sludge)
    Incandescence - Chapter 1 (Dark ambient/electro)
    Incandescence - Chapter 2 (Dark ambient/electro)
    Incandescence - Chapter 3 (Dark ambient/electro)
    Incandescence - Sleep Deprivation... (Dark ambient/electro)
    Incandescence - Floating spirits in the desert (Very dark ambient)
    Ghoulunatics - King of the undead (Necrophagia style)
    Eye of Phetkanha - In the light I become (Dark ambient/electro)
    Mendeed - Fall to me EP (Thrash)
    Hondo Maclean - Plans for a better day EP (Metalcore)
    Hondo Maclean - Chasing angels EP (Metalcore)
    Wisdom in Chains - s/t (Dutch Hardcore)
    CVI - Forensic Necrovulvectomy (Grind)
    Scattered Remnants - Inherent Perversion (US Death metal)
    December Wolves - Completely Dehumanized (Earache - black death)
    Despondency - Exposing Misery's Design (US Death)
    Horrid - Rising from the hidden spheres (Spanish death)
    F*ck The Facts / No Refund / Mermaid in a Manhole 99 track SPLIT (Grind/Noisy)

    Opera IX - Maleventum
    Jungle Rot - Slaughter of the weak (US Death)
    Defenestration - Ray Zero (Nu/Mainstream)
    Lux Occulta - Dionysus (Norwegian gothic/black)
    Divine Empire - Redemption (Mal. Creation members)
    Rebaelliun - Burn the promised land (Brazilian death metal - digipak)
    Sourvein - Emerald Vulture (Sludge)
    One Man and his Blunderbuss - s/t (UK Grind)
    Wehrwolfe - Godless we stand
    Churn - Twelve easy steps to endsville

    Remembering Never - She looked so good in red
    Snapcase - Bright Flashes
    Zillah - Substitute for a catastrophe
    Pungent Stench - Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin
    Gorelord - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (Death metal)
    Cave In - Jupiter (Awesome niceness)
    Alice In Chains - s/t (Grunge)
    Stinking Lizaveta - Caught between worlds
    Fear Factory - Demanufacture

    Nine Inch Nails - and all that could have been (Special Box release) - Offers
    Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War (Special White Digipak) - Offers
    Tangaroa - EFABMW (Offers - This is the last copy I have for sale out of 500 pressed)

    VIDEOS (prices inc. postage) - MORE TO FOLLOW
    Shaun of the Dead - £3

    DVDs (prices inc. postage) - MORE TO FOLLOW
    Bill Bailey LIVE - Part Troll - £5
    The Devil's Backbone (Benicio Del Toro) - £5
    28 Days Later - £5

    Zero Tolerance Issues 2, 3, 4, 5 without cd's. £1.50 each inc. postage
    Terrorizer Issue 102 Sept 2002. £2 inc. postage (2 copies): Bands on the cd are: Thus Defiled, Descent, Send More Paramedics, Cry Debris, MillionDead, Co exist, Acolyte's Ruin, Slaughter of souls, Spindrift, Cyrus, Tangaroa, From the ashes, Skaldic Curse, Chud, Vae Solis, Heathen Deity, Stand up Guy.

    list to follow

    VINYL - Prices inc. postage
    Stalingrad: The politics of ecstacy PICTURE DISC - £6
    Carol - Prefabricated - £3
    Spread the disease - This blood ridden tragedy - £3
    Systral / Acheborn SPLIT 7" - £3
    Morning Again - My statement of life in adying world. - £5
    Dropdead WHITE VINYL - £10
    Wojczech - Mother PICTURE DISC - £5
    Family of Dog - Liar SPLIT 7" RARE AS **** - £7
    Disembodied - The confession - £5
    Nirvana - Bleach PINK MARBLED VINYL - £75 (Trust me this is rare, I can supply links to prove it.)

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