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Cynthesis signs with Sensory Records

Discussion in 'Enchant' started by FataMorgana, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. FataMorgana

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    CYNTHESIS Signs To SENSORY RECORDS; Original ZERO HOUR Members Reunited - Nov. 10, 2010

    Sensory Records has announced the signing of CYNTHESIS. The band's debut album, "DeEvolution", is scheduled for release in the spring. The CD is currently being mixed by talented producer/engineer Dino Alden (Marty Friedman, Tony Macalpine, Vinnie Moore, ZERO HOUR). The artwork will be created by Dennis "Damn Engine" Sibeijn (EXODUS, DRAGONFORCE, LAMB OF GOD, HIM).

    CYNTHESIS is an entirely new band of its own, which also reunites three of the original members of progressive metal purveyors ZERO HOUR — founding twin brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton and original vocalist Erik Rosvold — for the first time on a recording since the band's heralded 2001 album "The Towers of Avarice" and 2003's "Metamorphosis", both still considered landmark releases in the progressive metal community. After reaping massive critical acclaim from major international metal media, ZERO HOUR successfully toured Europe and performed at two different ProgPower USA festivals, the band parted ways with Erik Rosvold, disappointing diehard fans of the band across the globe.

    In late 2007, Jasun began writing material for CYNTHESIS. As the music developed he could only imagine one vocalist to really connect to the material. "I've always been a fan of Erik's vocals and I knew his lyric-writing would be a perfect match for the material," explains Jasun. After one phone call Erik was brought into the fold. Rounding out the lineup on drums is longtime friend Sean Flanegan, who not only played on Jasun's 2000 instrumental release, "Night's Pulse", but is best known for his amazing work with prog-rock heroes ENCHANT.

    Sure to be a label priority for the new year, "DeEvolution" tells the story of an elite group of leaders from a heavily industrialized city who find, brainwash and then exploit an indigenous tribes shaman, believing he would be the perfect supreme leader. By propping him up as possessing all the answers to societies ills the elites use him in order to gain and keep more control over the masses. They plan to influence the masses on several fronts: religion, media, consumerism, government. Jasun Tipton adds, "CYNTHESIS allows us to explore new creative venues which provides a deeper listen. The band is very proud of 'DeEvolution'."


    Jasun Tipton - Guitar, Keyboards
    Troy Tipton - Bass
    Erik Rosvold - Vocals
    Sean Flanegan - Drums

    For more information, viist
  2. mark b

    mark b Prog 4 ever. Australia!!!

    Apr 30, 2007
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    Toowoomba, Australia.
    Cant wait for this album.

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