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Dark Empie 'Humanity Dethroned' out now

Discussion in 'KillZone Records' started by kzr, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. kzr

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    Nov 14, 2005
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    KillZone Records is extremely proud to announce the release of a classic metal album. New Jersey based thrash/prog/metal act Dark Empire’s sophomore release ‘Humanity Dethroned’. Formed by Matt Moliti (lead and rhythm guitars, death vocals) in 2004, the current band includes Jens Carlsson (Savage Circus, Persuader) lead vocals, Andrew Atwood (lead, rhythm guitar, death vocals) and Samus (Suspyre, Mutiny) drums. Influenced by Symphony X and Rage, Moliti created Dark Empire to be what in his eyes would be the epitome of the perfect metal band: thrashy riffs, blazing solos and aggressive yet melodic vocals, full of energy and emotion. ‘Humanity Dethroned’ is a powerful metal album with the classic metal spirit driving huge, powerful and agressive thrash riffs with enduring melodies that lift the album, ‘Humanity Dethroned’ is a perfect balance of writing, melody, aggressive, thrash riffs: A Metal album that connects to the true spirit of metal in all of us.
    No strangers to success this early in their career, the band’s self released debut album ‘Distant Tides’ placed #2 in the year end "best indie release of 2006" list), in BW&BK magazine scoring an impressive 9.5/10. ‘Humanity Dethroned has been mastered by Mika Jussla at Finnvox Studios (Children Of Bodom, Nightwish) and is out now on KillZone Records in North America and Europe.


    Dark Empire have delivered a classic metal album in 'Humanity Dethroned' with powerful, aggressive thrash riffs laced with progressive structures and harmonies and a dual vocal delivery combining epic, classic metal vocals that soar, punctuated by harsh death-like growls.

    'Humanity Dethroned' represents one of the most balanced metal releases you'll ever likely to hear; brutality and harmony in one essential metal package.

    KillZone Records will be releasing 'Humanity Dethroned' across North America and Europe has been mastered by Mika Jussala at FinnVox Studios ( NightWish Children Of Bodom)
    1. Eyes of Defiance
    2. No Sign of Life
    3. Humanity Dethroned
    4. The Forgotten Sin
    5. Faded Dreams
    6. Salvation Denied
    7. Prelude
    8. Haunted
    9. Possessed (We Are One)
    10. Closure

    Order here:

    MEGALOUD The Nightmare Has Begun..

    Nov 9, 2005
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    Minneapolis/St. Paul,MN (The Twin Cities)
    Be nice to have these for Prog Power ; ) Hint Hint!

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