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Dendura featured in "Immortality" short film remix

Discussion in 'Dendura' started by AKLPhilo, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    Detroit, Michigan
    Hey everyone,

    Mike Madigan from Five Clover Films here, wanted to update Dendura fans regarding one of our latest short films:

    The short film "Immortality" from Five Clover Films was originally released on in January 2007. The film received 1st place as a result of voting support during the contest. From the film and the use of German with English subtitles, the idea of Five Clover Films's recent short "Cadence" was born, basically an extended version of "Immortality" with a larger cast and more developed storyline.

    "Cadence" has been completed as of September 2007 and is currently
    being submitted to film festivals for consideration.

    In November 2007, "Immortality" is being re-released along with a different musical score, as a companion piece to "Cadence" and a demonstration of where the latest film's origins came from.

    The sequence at the end of "Immortality" is the only line in English in the film where the main character Mary (played by Sonja Ribicki) reveals that it was her who won the battle for eternal life. As she stares into the camera and declares her victory, I wanted to use a piece of music that really helped the audience to feel the character's journey to the end.

    Through our association with Aziza Poggi from Dendura, who starred in another short film in 2007 called "NEW DIRECTIONS" produced by our film groups (see the other thread on the message board here), we were able to use portions of the new song "Your Ghost" as the ending piece to the remixed version of the film.

    You can now check out the remixed version of Immortality on Youtube

    Eventually the two films will be screened together at some point in 2008. Special thanks to Dendura for providing us with the opportunity to utilize their music in our film!! :headbang:

    MIKE M.
    Five Clover Films
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