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Dendura Update from 1-09

Discussion in 'Dendura' started by Fire Spirit, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Fire Spirit

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    from Aziza:

    We have had quite a few emails asking what is going on with the process of our album & why it is taking so long. I'm so glad that you are excited to hear our album! If your not watching the blogs on myspace, then I understand that you are not aware of our current status. So I will tell you here. In the middle of recording in December, I developed a sinus infection that had taken away a good chunk of recording time not allowing me to finish vocals. it happens. We also had parted ways w/ our former bassist Jason Steven's who's wife is battling cancer. Paul (guitars) will be playing the bass on the album.
    Though I am back in great health now, our producer Neil Kernon is finishing some other things with bands he had set some time up with before ours to finish their albums; then he will let us know what dates he can finish ours on. As you may know, when you work with a Grammy producer or any producer, you have to work around his schedule and the other committments he has. I know alot of you are real anxious to hear this album and we are all excited for you to hear it too and get it released. We have a few tracks that have been finished (besides mixing) and they are sounding amazing! Currently, we are looking at a Spring release if we can still finish recording this winter. We also will be releasing the music video of Lady of War a month or two before the albums release. We thank you for all your interest in Dendura and look forward to presenting this album to you in the near future and I will keep you posted to when the album will be released and other news as it comes in.

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