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Discussion in 'Dendura' started by Dendura, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Mar 29, 2006
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    Thank You all for your prayers, support and willingness to make the benefit for Vincent Ocelnik a huge success. It recently came to our attention that a benefit named Jammin for Jacob is being held at the Bull Frog in Detroit. We do not want to take any attention away from that night as it is an important event. We also have decided that we will need more time to completely organize our event so we can do the best benefit we can possibly do to honor Vincent and it is also closer to his Birthday which is Nov. 11th. Please repost this as it contains the most current info as of 11:30PM Monday. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DATE FOR THE BENEFIT IS NOVEMBER 3rd (SAT)!!! Thank you all so much for everything!

    On Sept. 28th Beth and Ron Ocelnik of CB Entertainment suffered the loss of their 12 year old son Vincent. They were producing a show that night when "Vinnie" decided to take his brothers car for a quick joy ride before his parents would arrive home. He made it only about fifteen houses down before he struck a tree and was rushed to the hospitol. His injuries were too extensive and he died shortly after.

    A benefit for the family is being held Sat. Nov. 3 at The Ritz in Warren (where Beth is the booking agent) in his memory. The proceeds will go to the family to help with the costs of the funeral.

    I am asking for donations of signed guitars. merch, music memorbilia and anything else of value. Please join in and help us raise some money for the wonderful family. Beth is a large part of the Motor City's music scene. And the loss of their son has hit them hard as you can imagine.

    Fior address to send donations, please email
    Nicole Bergsma at:: ATTN: Donations
    or on myspace at:
    marked Donations

    We have a very small amount of time to bring this all together. So if you plan on donating an item or items please send quickly. Thankyou to all for your prayers, support and kind words.

    Nicole Bergsma


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