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Devian – Ninewinged Serpent

Discussion in 'Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Russell

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    The starry attic
    Devian – Ninewinged Serpent
    Century Media - CD 9977252 - 2007
    By Chris Kee


    With Legion and Emil Dragutinovic in the Devian ranks, both of whom found fame with Marduk, you might be forgiven for expecting Ninewinged Serpent to offer up savage black metal of panzer division proportions. However, once the moody and melancholy introduction that is ’Serenade For The Fallen’ is past, you’ll discover a wealth of blackened death metal with the occasional nod to thrash riffing and some traditional metal sensibilities, all wrapped up in impenetrably dark atmosphere and soaked in menace. With an abundance of cool, melodic lead playing and mountains of atmosphere this is way better than I had dared hope for.

    Legion’s voice is admittedly limited but he has certainly made the most of his attributes here and with the time and space to add a little more expression to his hateful rasp he’s turned in one of the most effective performances of his career. Emil’s drumming is of his customary high standards and the great production has given real depth and bite to the guitars. Most importantly though, what a set of songs this band has come up with! If they can maintain this level of quality then soon no-one will need those ‘ex-Marduk’ suffixes to remember the name of Devian. ’Instigator’ explodes out of the blocks like raging, primitive Entombed before revealing its black wings – a dirty headbanger of a track, made for the stage. ’Gemini Is The Snake’ has a huge, sinister, doom-drenched beginning then develops into a careering, thrashing depth-charge before flitting between lumbering behemoth and raging fury and the title track provides a vicious, pitiless conclusion that wraps things up brilliantly.

    The stylish artwork has been provided by Seth (Paradise Lost, Soilwork etc) and that adds the finishing touch of class to this excellent album.

    Official Devian Website
    Official Devian Myspace
    Official Century Media Website
  2. Dr. Abner Mality

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    Apr 1, 2004
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    I have heard mixed reviews of this album, but your review sure makes it sound good to me...

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