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earBuzz review

Discussion in 'Eden's Fall - Reviews' started by Eden's Fall, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Eden's Fall

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    Dec 9, 2005
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    Here is a write-up that earBuzz did about our CD. They have our CDs in stock and they can be ordered directly from their site at:

    earBuzz Review:

    Eden's Fall's CD, "Harmony of Lies", makes its politically charged and intelligent content ride on top of about the most aggressive thrash progressive metal we've heard. Vocalist, John Barr, owns a voice of passionate vengeance and anger as he growls and sings his clear disdain for corporate America and government hypocrisy. In opening track, "Blur the Lines", he writes, 'crushed under the government's wheel, so subversive as it grinds the political whores on high dance on strings under corporate control'. "Lost Again", track 3, showcases the tight play of the band. The mp3 clip here features double kick stabs and tight guitar breaks. The 6th track, "Dead Thought Matrix", warns of the eventual disintegration of the individual from the progress of technology. Barr writes, 'cast into the satellite waves we drown'. Listen to the sample - the backgrowl vocals are Middle Earth Orcish. "Liquid Christ" again features the tight chug and rhythm section of the band. Drummer, Ray Smith, has two feet as strong as any we've heard - bass player, Dan Gronowski, has his work cut out for him as his bass lines demand he keep up. The tune points a critical finger at modern Christianity. The final track, "Nothingheart" does its best to soften up with an acoustic/electric minor chord metal ballad. Barr shows no such forgiveness and breathes passion into every line even more than previous cuts as his voice rises above the quieter instrumentation. This is strong material that preaches to the choir of the culturally dissatisfied throngs. Eden's Fall is an accomplished metal spectator as the fall of a kinder gentler world occurs around them. Ther album showcases conviction of their anger and their musicianship. Well done.

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