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ENOCHIAN THEORY - (Epic / Progressive / Metal / Rock)

Discussion in 'Latin American Scene' started by EnochianTheory, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. EnochianTheory

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    Dec 22, 2009
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    Greetings Everyone

    We would like to introduce you all to our Progressive / Metal / Rock band ENOCHIAN THEORY, and hear your thoughts and feelings on what we are doing... Copied below is information on the band and our new album “Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio” which we released in August 2009 on our own Record Label. We do everything independently and we had the pleasure to work on the album with Swedish Producer “David Castillo” who’s notable work is with OPETH & KATATONIA. We also had a great pleasure in working with the amazing Swedish Artist “Robin Portnoff” who done the albums wonderful artwork that really must been seen...
    The response so far within the industry we have been very pleased with, receiving praise from many Magazines over the world and also Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) & Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).

    Many thanks and we hope to hear from you..
    Ben, Sam & Shaun – Enochian Theory

    - For More Information On The Band Please Visit -

    Please Visit Our Official Websites Below:


    In the Official Fourm you can view every Review and Interview the band has ever done.
    View exclusive website/forum content (‘Evolution’ recording diary and tour diaries, tour vids)
    You can ask the band questions (where they will reply).
    And most of all discuss whatever you want to.

    Come And Join The World Of Enochian Theory Now........


    Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio - 2009 - Magazine Press Album Review Quotes -


    Metal Hammer Magazine - UK - 8/10 - "Cryptic but captivating prog-metal"

    Classic Rock Prog Magazine - UK - "It’s clear after hearing this fine debut the south coast trio have the exceptional ability to carve out their own niche"

    PowerPlay Magazine – UK - 9/10 - "The wait has been worthwhile as it’s another exciting set of songs that should see these guys take another massive step up the rock and metal ladder"

    Terrorizer Magazine – UK - 8/10 - "Think brave , inventive and eccentric: this is an absorbing debut from a band that don’t even know where the box is, let alone why anyone would think inside it."

    Big Cheese Magazine - UK - 3/5 - "Packed full of potential, Enochian Theory’s skills are rapidly catching up to their ambitions."

    Zero Tolerance Magazine - UK- 4/6 - "Musically brilliant and ever evolving, Evolution is fine album that, just like its creators, deserves the attention of any self-respecting prog-lover"

    Fireworks magazine – UK - “Musically, the band is a very tight unit and has a good ear for both song construction and melody, which means that things remain interesting throughout. The guitar riffs are generally very tasty and the limited use of orchestration is extremely well done. “

    Inferno magazine – Finland – 3.5/5
    The end result in a Oceansize, Isis and Incubus Highway... a professional atmosphere... whose trump card is the singer Ben Harris-Hayes wistful lyrical vibes.

    Metal Hammer Magazine - Germany - 5/7 - "lots of commitment and initiative.... Enochian Theory sounding a bit like Opeth in their melancholy... Epic passages.. Enriched with post-rock set pieces...."

    Rock Hard Magazine- Germany - 7.5/10 - "Epic instrumental trips in candle light, Karokaffee and marble cake, wrapped up into cozy blanket..."

    Rock Hard Magazine - Greece - 7.5/10 - "The final result stands at an excellent level, in their songs the atmosphere and the technical ways which is what a prog band requires.."

    Metal Maniac Magazine - Italy - 7/10 - "Advised to lovers of experimentations and musical evolution that can go from the Aeon Spoke to the Porcupine Tree, or the intense activities of the Anathema"

    Flash Magazine - Italy - 75/100 - "Character to sell and compositional intelligence oozes from the notes that enchant for delicacy.."

    Helvete Magazine - Norway - 5/6 - "Filled with good mood and giving an atmosphere, traveling through melancholic depression with aggression.."

    Tarkus Magazine – Norway – “The British band Enochian Theory is unknown to the Most, but after this masterpiece of an album debut I am convinced that the band reputation will reach far beyond the British borders. In my eyes, this is a milestone in relation to what the progressive rock should be in 2009.”

    Death Thrasher magazine – Peru – “They have a really good sound, extremely experimental, creative, dark, and heavy; the melody itself takes you into an evil and surrealist atmosphere.”

    Metal Hammer Magazine - Poland - 4/5 - "Generates in me every time so different and extreme emotions, from melancholy ecstasy, after a desperate frustration that I feel as if every time."

    This Is Rock Magazine - Spain - "Variety and a high quality in each song, loaded at the same time of intelligence and a great sense of experimentation and equilibrium..."

    Sweden Rock Magazine - Sweden - "Jam-packed with high majesty and genuinely fondest.."

    Nocturne Magazine - Serbia - 9/10 - "This is a superb album! Imagine Pink Floyd weight Tool!"

    Butcherian Vibe Magazine - Serbia – 4.5/6 – “Creatio Ex Nihilio is one of the most beautiful designed album that I had the opportunity see”

    The band has also received good praise from Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)....

    Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden

    This album is most defiantly designed as an album. You have to listen to it from start to finish.. The album is quite diverse; it ranges far and wide and ideally needs to be savoured in one sitting... Interesting stuff..

    Steven Wilson – Porcupine Tree

    I liked the new Enochian Theory Album you sent over, Pretty Epic and Ambitious stuff....
    Really promising Band, Thanks for bringing them to my attention....



    The Bands Official Website Store

    HMV.COM - (World)

    CD MARKET.EU - (World)


    AMAZON.DE - (Germany)

    AMAZON.FR - (France)

    PLAY.COM - (UK)

    iTunes - (World)

    7 DIGITAL - (World)

    JUST FOR KICKS.DE - (Germany)

    LESEN.DE - (Germany)

    CD MARKET GERMANY - (Germany)


    LEVYKAUPPAX.FI - (Finland)

    CD MARKET.FI - (Finland)

    RECORD HEAVEN - (Sweden)

    CD MARKET SWEDEN - (Sweden)



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