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Especially Likely Sloth - The Unlistenable Series – Part 2: Ketchup: If It's Yellow,

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Jun 20, 2005.

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    Especially Likely Sloth - The Unlistenable Series – Part 2: Ketchup: If It's Yellow, It's Not Mellow
    Audiosavant 2005
    By Russell Garwood


    You know, I was kind of wondering where Especially Likely Sloth could go after The Unlistenable Series – Part 1, Paper: I Reek Of Butter. When I got home to collect my post about two months ago, I found out. And the answer was Ketchup: If It's Yellow, It's Not Mellow. Yes, here I have a promo slipcase full of ketchup, posted to me all the way from America. Having seen the state of it now I’m kinda annoyed I left it so long to review – I swear this thing has an entire ecosystem in it (note to self – next time throw the bloody thing out when it arrives). The ketchup seems to be of a good consistency, although it is a bit dry now, so has probably got thicker. The fact it actually went mouldy to me suggests it has a low sugar content – suggesting Jason at Audiosavant is either cheap, or health conscious. I prefer to think the former. That said, I must commend the man on making the title of this far more accurate than it’s predecessor, as this ketchup totally isn’t yellow, and nor is mellow. Certainly not after 2 months of sitting around in a warm room.

    So yeah, it’s limited to 25, I hope you have a copy already! If not, you can have mine, I think I’ve been hogging it slightly…


    Official Audio Savant website

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