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Fan Club

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Zandro1008, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    The time has come to launch a new official Fan Club, the boys deserve this!!!
  2. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    Yeah i'm up for that. Wasn't that one of the ideas behind the website to see how much interest there was still in Saxon and the boys. Count me in. Put your mark on this post and lets see the numbers grow.
  3. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    Thanx for the support, but we need more. Come on everyone, lets get it together for the band. The more the merrier or so the saying goes.
  4. TRtwisted

    TRtwisted Guest

    I'll show my support! Count me in!!!
  5. strongarm65

    strongarm65 Guest

    Hi, I´m new in this Board and from Germany!
    I think there are also many fans in Germany who probably
    would like to join a online-fan club for SAXON and if you
    like to sign me in!!
  6. Congdar

    Congdar Guest

    I think this would be the only way besides buying the albums that I can support Saxon... they never seem to make it to Seattle, WA for a concert anymore :(
  7. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    I missed this one, but yes count me in.

  8. Greetings from Japan

    I'm Saxon Fan & record collector since ' 80 when they debut in Japan
    unfortunately Saxon is not popular now a day in Japan
    and they tour in Japan only once that many years ago !

    but I always keep on Rock'n with SAXON !

    just Count Me In

    "Saxon" regards

  9. Roxx

    Roxx Guest

    I'm from Nashville, TN, saw them here last fall, became a fan all over again. Count me in for the fan club.
  10. Stiltman

    Stiltman Guest

    Columbus, OH. Count me in!!
  11. Mr X

    Mr X Guest

    Yeah why not!!Go for it.Now not tomorrow
  12. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    Yes we are getting there, time to e.mail Vince and set things in motion. All of us do this and lets see if this gets a fan club going.

  13. Talking of Saxon fanclubs.....does anyone know of the whereabouts of "Moz Morris" the guy who did the fan club in the '80s?!!!??? Would like to get in touch with him again....
  14. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    Moz Morris. Now there's a thought. (he used to live in Blackpool) He stayed at my home one night when Saxon were up in Bonnie Scotland. I wonder where he is now as well. He did not like my tea, I only drink coffee so that may have been something to do with it. He also has one of the 6 original Saxon Tour Jackets. As did a female from his area of England. I do not remember her name, she had 'Animal' stitched on it in place of her name. That means I can account for 4 of the jackets, who has the other 2. Moz Morris, if you are out there your time is up!

  15. Last i heard,he moved from Blackpool to Wales & he,ahem,"got married" (so Biff said circa Leicester '84);-)
    Do wonder if he reads anything Saxon related on the web etc...C'mon Moz,stand up & be counted! :)))

  16. Zandro, do you remember how this woman with the name "animal" stiched on her tourjacket looked like? That makes me really curious...;) How old is she roughly these days?
  17. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    What did Animal look like. It was a long time ago. Average height, slim, long hair mid colour, at that time about 18, as this was 82 or 83 she has to be 18 years older. This may not be 100% accurate as I say, a few years ago. Why, does the name 'Animal' ring a bell? If it does let me know, we have met!!!!!!!

  18. dallasonepm

    dallasonepm Guest

    I agree I would love to join a high powered fan club like this,,I enjoy reading posts from other Saxon fans all around,,,,we are a special breed of people,,,,,long live Saxon

  19. I think "Animal" was Donna Carlisle.She was a massive Saxon fan & at one time she even ran a new Saxon fan club. Will check out some of the old FC stuff to try confirm.
    [Oh & i didnt know her,i just knew of her :)]
  20. Zandro1008

    Zandro1008 Guest

    Correct, I remember now her name was Donna. You have a much better memory than I have. It would be interesting to see if she is still a big fan. Many people have a changes in their lives that make it more difficult to continue in their old ways. Mine certainly has, but I have NEVER stopped being a Saxon fan. I wonder how many other fans of 20+ years are around and were embers of the Fan Club at that time.

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