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Fan Club

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Zandro1008, Apr 11, 2001.

  1. Hi All

    Was anyone a member of Saxons "The Big Silver Bird" Fanclub of the early '90s? I joined on the Solid Ball of Rock Tour but it seems that it only lasted for a year as after a few newsletters nomore was heard of. Members received a Large poster, FanClub mug, membership card, a signed photo(although I never did get that despite numerous letters) and a quarterly news letter. We even had a form to fill in regarding a fanclub convention although once again after sending this off nomore was heard of it (just out of interest my membership No was 105)

  2. Zandro : I know what you mean about still being a fan & changes in the lifestyle etc & yeah,would be interesting to know how many of us(dare i say it) "oldies" still have the passion for the music :).
    If anything,over the years,my love for live concerts has increased. Since my 1st gig in 1980 ive seen over 400 concerts by many diff. bands & music genres. I just love it!!

    Oh i also remember the "Big silver bird" FC. It was a bit of a joke...yeah,i did the form thing for the meet up (in Rotherham or somewhere?) but it never materialised.

    I think the problem with fan clubs in general nowadays is "the suits" just see it as a business & a way to make money outta the fans. (yeah, i'm a cynical old git lol)

  3. Rattz

    Rattz Guest

    I was a member of the Big Silver Bird fan club in about 91/92, it was run by a company called "swagman" and I think they went bust.

    I seem to remember them trying to organize a meet the band / piss-up at a Hotel which never happened.

    Anyway Re: Fan Club: I have unlimited space on what was/is going to be a multimedia site (Its not started,yet). If anyone is willing to contribute time, articles and ideas I can provide hosting and a base to start a club from.


  4. The fan club is a great idea. I know just the way to drive it! First this site really needs Biff and the guys to throw a few comments in every now and then. This will drive up the fan base and sell more goodies such as T-shirts band photos, etc. Guess I'll throw the suggestion at their manager.
  5. ianmetalhead

    ianmetalhead Guest

    I used to be a member of the saxon fan club when it was running in the 80s and ill be up for being a member of a saxon
    fan club again go for it
  6. Rumour

    Rumour Guest

    Wasn't the Fan Club in the 80's called the Militia Guard, sure it was and every member was a Miltia Guardsperson. If a new fan club gets off the ground they will have to have a name for it. Perhaps we should think of ideas and send them to Vincie baby.
  7. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    Isn't it about time Vince got to read all these?
    As for a name for the fan club how about ...
    "The Housecarls"
    (history note coming up... they were the loyal bodyguard to the Saxon king..just in case anybody is wondering why)
    From the coments i've read most of you on the site are as loyal as anybody could be.
    Come on Vince surely you read these at some point.
    Lets get it on.

  8. sludgeaholic

    sludgeaholic Guest

    I´m in.... ;-)
    go for it
  9. SMA81672

    SMA81672 Guest

    From Pawtucket, Rhode Island USA. I have been a Saxon fan for a long time and I am definitely up for a new official fan club.....count me in.


  10. Well folks, I shot an E-Mail to the appropriate people and I think they like the idea. I threw in the suggestion that the guys could maybe answer some of our fan questions and possibly a chat in the future. Biff has not seen this site yet, as far as I know. But, I think he'll dig it! I just wish I had designed it! Sheesh! Anyhow, keep your eyes and ears open, a fan club has a lot of potential energy right now and we may have a shot at meeting the guys! Like I said though, no guarantees but there is the chance!
  11. Tominator666

    Tominator666 Guest

    If some ones gonna start a Saxon fan club i'll join!!
  12. macc189

    macc189 Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Macclesfield, UK

    you can stick me down for some of that, i tried unsuccesfully to join the Militia guard quite some years back but by then it had folded so yes, a new one would be most welcome.
    Andy, UK


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