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Favorite Saxon Album

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Nige T, Nov 16, 2000.

  1. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    This is another hard one for everyone to think about. Although
    I really like what some unfortunates call the classic Saxon albums
    (they are all classic!) I think I would have to go along with
    Eagle part 2, or the mighty Dogs of War. Its got everything a
    Saxon album should. A blinding title track, a great ballad (hold
    on), an epic track (The Great White Buffalo) and some balls out
    boogie numbers (Big Twin Rolling & Yesterday's Gone). And
    the rest of the album is great as well!! So get thinking.

  2. My favorite Saxon album thus far has to be UNLEASH THE BEAST. In my opinion, this album should be ranked right there with ACDC's BACK IN BLACK, Maiden's NUMBER OF THE BEAST, Priest's BRITISH STEEL/SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE, ZEPPLIN'S 4 and others as one of the greatest recordings in the history of heavy metal/hard rock. Every song is a masterpiece. I also love DOGS OF WAR, EAGLE 2, FOREVER FREE etc. As a diehard fan of 18+ years, my opinion is probably strongly biased. However, I don't believe Saxon are capable of putting out a lousy album and this includes the so-called "lighter" albums of the mid/late eighties. They all had some great songs on them. Saxon are one of the greatest bands of all time.
  3. Crusader One

    Crusader One Guest

    For a non-live album, I have to go with "Solid Ball of Rock". I personally love all the live stuff though! "Rock and Roll Gypsies" and "Eagle part II" are awesome. Mix the old with the new, it doesn't matter. I also like "Greatest Hits Live" on Video! I would love to see Eagle Part II released on Video, now that would be one to see. I love the old band along with the new band. It's great to go back and listen to the old stuff and then to the new stuff and see how the band has evolved, both in sound and musical direction, with the newer version of the band much heavier in music style. None the same, I will always love the band.
  4. macc189

    macc189 Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Macclesfield, UK

    Denim and Leather
  5. laplandmetal

    laplandmetal Guest

    Power And The Glory
  6. Parman22

    Parman22 Guest

    The first SAXON album (thats right ALBUM) I ever bought was Power & The Glory, to this day it is still MY favorite Saxon album.
  7. BajenPatte

    BajenPatte Guest

    ...I'd have to say Power and the Glory.

    But Dogs of war is a close call and I really like Rock the nations too...But hey, they are all great!
  8. ooro

    ooro Guest

    I like very much:
    Innocence Is No Excuse and Rock The Nation.

  9. My fave has to be Strong Arm of the Law...followed closely by Unleash the Beast
  10. Mr X

    Mr X Guest

    It has got to No excuse.Why Lazy summer school days,missing a few lessons and listening to good Old rock music as well as others of course"I wouldn't encourage missing school lesson now "but i would incourage listening to all Saxon music forever:)

  11. Haven´t heard ém all, but here are some:
    Wheels of Steel
    Power and the Glory
    Innocence is no Excuse
    Eagle Has Landed (part II as well as the original)

  12. My favorites are (always in maximum volume) the Next:

    -Dogs of War
    -Unleash the Beast
    -Metalhead (this last was the album that put me to seek more of Saxon)
  13. steve2580

    steve2580 Guest

    denim and leather
    unleash the beast
    soon to be added: metalhead

    oh yeah, strong arm of the law is cool too, not as good, but still kicks @#%$ ass!
  14. Guillaume

    Guillaume Guest

    my favorite SAXON album is Metalhead. Before Metalhead, it was Solid ball of rock.

  15. Metaltom

    Metaltom Guest

    I too, prefer the live stuff. Usualy when I listen to a Saxon record, i just have to switch cd's to hear that same song live. <img src= ALT=":\"> I have always loved live records by any band...

    For studio records, I hafta say Power and Glory with Solid Ball of Rock close behind.
    The song 747 is worth a whole album alone though... my absolute favorite Saxon track ever. :)
  16. metalRon

    metalRon Guest

    Mine is "Strong Arm of The Law"."Dogs of War" a close second but I love each one.Every release has some great songs."Eagle Part 2" is my favorite live album.
  17. Imagikafan

    Imagikafan Guest

    These are my favorites:

    1)Unleash The Beast
    3)The Power And The Glory
    4)Eagle 2
    5)Dogs Of War
    6)Innocence Is No Excuse
    7)Denim And Leather
    :cool: Crusader

  18. ianmetalhead

    ianmetalhead Guest

    its a really hard one this but i think it has to be metalhead
    great songs and great production i think on this album saxon keep there sound that we all know and love but with a modern feel good saxon hes hoping killing ground will do the same job

  19. I have to agree. Every album thus far has always been good. The songs are longer than most band's and have a certain "giftedness" about them.

  20. I'll go with "Power and the glory".

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