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Favorite Saxon Album

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Nige T, Nov 16, 2000.

  1. Freewheeler

    Freewheeler Guest

    Denim and Leather!! Brilliant album and totally awesome songs!!
  2. lordigor

    lordigor New Metal Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Boston, MA USA

    Metalhead is my favorite, great songs from beginning to end and top notch production. Unleash the Beast is great too, along with Solid Ball of Rock, and of course the classics, Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm, and Denim & Leather.
  3. HIFK

    HIFK Guest

    Best album: Strong arm of the law, it`s the best album ever made.

    Hevy Metal thunder, To hell...., strong arm.... Taking.....20000... and Dallas 1pm are all 10/10, sixth form and hungry years are 9/10.

    Unleash and power and the glory are very close, the worst album? Maybe Rock the nations or Destiny.

  4. matteo

    matteo Guest

    There are quite a few but i would say

    strong arm of the law and denim and leather

    for the 90's production Unleash the beast

  5. manowar

    manowar Guest

    They are all great in their own right, but I'd have to say my favorite is:

    Power and the Glory......The title track is a classic and The Eagle Has Landed is one of the finest songs ever!

    Close runner-ups are:

    Unleash the Beast (great, under-appreciated heavy metal cd from the 1990s....The Thin Red Line is a masterpiece!)

    Crusader (great rock n roll with Run for your Lives, Rock City and Little Bit of What you Fancy....along with the epic title track)

    Denim and Leather (first song I ever heard by Saxon)

    Weakest album (although I still like) is probably Destiny

  6. epac

    epac Guest

    The Studio Albums:

    1. Power and the Glory
    2. Strong Arm of the Law
    3. Denim and Leather
    4. Unleash the Beast
    5. Forever Free
    6. Wheels of Steel
    7. Crusader
    8. Dogs of War
    9. Metalhead
    10. Innocence is no Excuse
    11. Solid Ball of Rock
    12. Rock the Ntaions
    13. Saxon
    14. Destiny (defintely the nadir. Sorry.)

    Interesting to see where Killing Ground will fit in...can't wait!

  7. My Favourite Saxon Lp is the Incredible "Innocence is No Escuse", great sound , great songs, grat riffs! I would like that Biff in the future, will write a song like "BROKEN HEROS"!
    i like more the album after 1984 that the albums of the first years, but all are great! In the nineties, Saxon had wtitten a lot of beautiful Lp, my favourites are "Solid Ball of Rock", and "Unleash the Beast", but the last "Killing ground is really GREAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  8. Power and the glory but I like all their albums a lot.

    The first metal disc I ever got was Strong arm of the law bach in the days when it was released. So basically Saxon is the band that got me into metal...

  9. Strong Arm of the Law
  10. RicknRoll

    RicknRoll Guest

    Haven't heard them all but here are a few of my favorites

    Wheels of Steel
    Strong Arm of the Law
    Innocence is no excuse
    Power and the glory
    of course Killing Ground

    Like just about all , hard to say which is the favorite
  11. Paxoman

    Paxoman Member

    Sep 10, 2002
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    A stranger in a strange land!

    Funnily enough I recently listened to every Saxon album in the order that they came out just so I could listen to how Saxon have changed/progressed over the years.

    One thing that struck me was that I had forgotten just what a great album Wheels of steel is! But my favourite Saxon album has to be Unleash the beast, every track is superb! But the same could be said for the lastest album as well!


    METLHEDD Guest

    1) POWER & THE GLORY as good as ANY metal/rock album EVER! 2) METALHEAD just a gr8 vibe "SEA OF LIFE" instant classic! 3) EAGLE PART 2 at there best! c ya METL
  13. TRtwisted

    TRtwisted Guest

    No disrepect to the new stuff, but POWER AND THE GLORY is my favorite album. Killing Ground is a great album and so was Metalhead. But POWER is a classic album every Metalhead should own, IMO.

  14. I have to say that my last album os SAXON, The power and the Glory, is one my favorites now. Really my 5 albums (Metalhead, Dogs..., Unleash..., Killing...and The Power...) are a masterpiece of Heavy Metal.
    I think that my next album of the band will be "Forever Free" :)
  15. DogOfWar33

    DogOfWar33 Guest

    I've always been partial to "Crusader" for some reason, but they're all great!
  16. frank boff

    frank boff Guest

    Whilst one must appreciate the qualities of classic releases such as "Hell bent For For Leather" and "Powerlave", it has always been more than clear to me that the greatest Saxon album of all time is "Reign in Blood". Never since this watershed 1986 release have the mighty Biffmeister and his loyal cohorts produced emitted such groundbreaking masterful metal. Songs such as "Symphony of Desruction" and "Charlotte the Harlotte" are nothing short of genius. Not since the days of Led Zeppelin have such thought provoking compositions been composed.

    One listen to 'Piece by Piece' will leave you feeling like Morph's girlfriend (putty in his hands). The riff-work is reminiscent of such previous classics as "Fog on the Tyne" and "Party 'till you Puke". How does Mustaine create such masterful riffery?

    Only the GODS OF METAL know the answer to that conundrum.

    Whomever those Gods may be, we may never know their true identities, we know them only as the mighty Saxon, I go down on my knees and salute them, one by one, @#%$ by @#%$...

    Niiiicccee, niiiiiccccceeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Paxoman

    Paxoman Member

    Sep 10, 2002
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    A stranger in a strange land!

    Ahhh yes that well known Saxon album "Reign in blood". Keep on taking the tablets Frank.

  18. wolf

    wolf Guest

    My favorite albums from 1 to 15

    01 Strong Arm Of The Law
    02 Wheels Of Steel
    03 Denim And Leather
    04 Unleash The Beast
    05 Power And The Glory
    06 Metalhead
    07 Solid Ball Of Rock
    08 Killing Ground
    09 Dogs Of War
    10 Saxon
    11 Innocence Is No Excuse
    12 Crusader
    13 Rock The Nations
    14 Forever Free
    15 Destiny

    And Live Albums

    1 The Eagle Has Landed
    2 Greatest Hits Live
    3 The Eagle Has Landed pt2
    4 Rock And Roll Gipsies

    The Eagle Has landed was my first saxon album "Awesome"
    My first studio album was Strong Arm Of The Law, both bought in 1982, my first bought album was from AC/DC If You Want Blood.

    But Saxon Is and will forever be my number one band, I am listening to Saxon from when wheels of steel was brought out and I loved it right away.
    They had their ups and downs but I always had faith in them to return to the music which they made in the early eighties.
    Albums like Solid Ball, Unleash, metalhead and Killing proves that they did it and hopefully they will continue bringing us some albums more like this.
    Keep on rocking 'cause rock is our life.

    Saxon Forever


    1) STRONG ARM OF THE LAW(classic stuff from beggining to end,*SIXTH FORM GIRLS*great feeling that guitar solo!)
    2) POWER AND THE GLORY( SOLID RECORDING SOUND,*RED LINE* first song ever heard from them,still love it!)
    3) CRUSADER (*JUST LET ME ROCK* amazing intro,chorus,hook ,singing, EVERYTHING!; *RUN FOR YOUR LIVES* a forgotten classic!)
    4) WHEELS OF STEEL(*STREET FIGHTING GANG* another forgotten classic, * 747-STRANGER IN THE NIGHT* great solo intro)
    5) KILLING GROUND( a lesson for everybody in how to make GREAT songs!)
    6) UNLEASH THE BEAST( still amazed for this great comeback;faves: TERMINAL VELOCITY, CUT OUT THE DISEASE( the part * once you were our friend.*..gots me!),MINISTRY OF FOOLS...OHH THIS ONE RULES!!!)
    7) ROCK THE NATIONS ( ok ,I know not everybody likes it, but this album rocks!! love those Elton John songs, good solo in *PARTY TILL YOU PUKE*; love WAITING FOR THE NIGHT)
    :cool: SOLID BALL OF ROCK ( didnt know this album since a couple of months ago, but this is simply ONE OF THEIR BEST!!!*I'M ON FIRE * must have been a SINGLE!! NIBBS , YOU ARE GOD!!)
    9) DENIM & LEATHER ( if the sound could've been better this would be in higher position, but this one possess my ALL TIME favorite song,ladies and gentlemen: AND THE BANDS PLAYED ON!!!!!)
    10) INNOCENSE IS NO EXCUSE( makes me remember my high school days; ROCKIN AGAIN, BROKEN HEROES, EVERYBODY UP, RAISE SOME HELL....good,good ,good, stuff!!)
    11) METAL HEAD(dark stuff kinda Metallica load and reload albums , BUT BETTER THAN THEM!!!,*SONG OF EVIL*,*PISS OFF*,*WHAT GOES AROUND* all great stuff..and of course the new classic*CONQUISTADOR*)
    12)DOGS OF WAR( another forgotten album by many fans, this one has many good songs,*BIG TWIN ROLLING*,*GREAT WHITE BUFFALO*, *DEMOLITION ALLEY*, and´*YESTERDAY'S GONE*.. that solo SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!!)
    13) FOREVER FREE (sounds like earlier stuff, production -wise speaking* JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU* good cover;*NIGHTHUNTER* good one, *IRON WHEELS* melancholy stuff, a great one!!, these songs sounds better on *EAGLE PART 2)
    14) SAXON ( earlier stuff, innocent at times, but good songs, *BACKS ON THE WALL*, and my fave *STALLIONS OF THE HIGHWAY*)
    15) DESTINY( hated it at the first time I heard it, butsome songs could be grweat on other albums like*FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS*, the best song is * I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE* great chorus!!!)


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