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Festivals with Symphony X 2016

Discussion in 'Symphony X (Unofficial)' started by sym246, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Mar 13, 2016
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    Symphony X are playing some festivals this year. There is always a special spirit on these events, so it would be great, if we could share some impressions here. When you go to one of these events (Sweden Rock, Wacken, Leyendas Del Rock, Bloodstock, Loud Park or the show in Tel Aviv), tell us about it, if you want.

    No chance to get tickets for Wacken 2016 (sold out for months), so we decided to travel to Sweden Rock Festival (9.-12.June). And it was so great: So many happy, cracy, cool metalheads. The atmosphere at the festival was unbelievable and very relaxed. A big contrast to the stressed and busy people at home. Everybody was hanging around, listening to great music and having lots of fun. Four days in another world, leaving everything else outside. We just enjoyed it!!!

    The organization was pretty good, although this festival is really big. 5 stages, lots of good bands with different styles and ten-thousands of people.

    We saw several legendary bands in Sweden:
    On Thursday: Queen with Adam Lambert. Perfect show as ever. So many timeless songs! And with Adam Lambert, they've found a young, talented singer for their live performances.
    On Friday, Twisted Sister were rocking the festival.
    On Saturday: Dirkschneider with its distinctive way of singing and Steve Vai with his famous way of guitar playing.
    And so many other bands, all kind of metal. The lineup was very various.

    My personal highlight was Symphony X, of course. They played at the "Lemmy Stage", very fitting to their song "Legends". Unfortunately, the sound was slightly unclear (seamed to be a problem of the Lemmy Stage). Therefore, some of the virtuos guitar and keyboard parts got lost.
    But it doesn't matter, because the show was awesome, the audience was rocking, :headbang: and we had a really wonderful time.
    Russell was singing fantastic again. There is so much emotion and power in this voice!! His spectrum of singing is so impressive, and in combination with this brilliant music, it's just perfect!!!
    Thanks for the chance, to see them live again!!! I just loved it.

    We took some photos. Hope you like it.

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