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Discussion in 'The Philosopher' started by Nile577, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Nile577

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    Jun 26, 2003
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    In order to avoid disputes over moderating issues, a number of regulars and moderators here have worked on establishing new policy guidelines that we hope can provide an interesting, friendly and productive environment.

    Policy of The Philosopher

    The Philosopher was created as a place for intelligent and thoughtful discussion. The following will detail what the standard for this discussion is, and how it will be enforced by the moderators.

    Threads and posts can cover a wide range of topics, but must be thoughtful and honest in treatment. This forum is not for discussion about any particular subject limited to itself (ie, cars, music, etc) but how these subjects relate to broader notions of humanity/thought. For example, a discussion of film, its relation to art/music, social impact, poetic experience, etc., is great; a poll of "favorite movies" is not. Similarly, explicit political issues and/or "hot topics" in themselves are not appropriate- they must be approached in a more circumspect manner with regard to their larger ramifications. Discussion of politics, even activism, is a central element of philosophy and is encouraged here. However, political punditry and sensationalism is not, and is antithetical to this board's concerns (this forum is not one's personal blog, livejournal, nor space to rant or post daily musings).

    An exception to this is the "Those of us who frequent this forum thread."

    Flaming, excessive personal-attacks and sensational and "one-line" threads are not allowed. 'Trolling' is a rather subjective term, but any 'baiting' must remain artistic, intelligent and intellectually provocative. This forum is for those who honestly engage in logos.

    Issues with moderating, other posters, or the forum in general should be raised in the 'Moderation & Board Issues' sticky thread.

    Redundant threads are a problem on all boards, but this can be greatly reduced. Please make use of the archive/search function before posting a new thread. Extremely redundant threads will be locked or merged with another post. Of course, an existing thread can be added to and commented upon at any time. The moderators will ensure that the archive is not full of threads that violate forum policy (past or present) to ensure quality and functionality.

    Therefore, topics/threads/posts are not censored because of their subject matter per se, or their author's stance, but on how they are presented. This leads to moderation policy.

    Guidelines for Moderation

    -If a thread is created that is in clear violation of forum policy it will be deleted. Subsequent violations will lead to notification of UM administrators.

    -If a thread is not in clear violation and may have merit, but is underdeveloped (i.e. only a few lines of text, shallow take on the question, poorly written or reasoned argument, etc.), the thread will be locked, and the author notified that he needs to improve it for it to be reopened. To be clear, no one here expects dissertations and new-comers to UM and philosophy in general are very welcome. However, a minimum of effort and respect for an intelligent and critical audience is required.

    -Individual posts, if highly disruptive to a thread's integrity and in violation of forum policy, will be deleted. Subsequent violations will lead to notification of UM administrators.

    -Unlike threads, individual posts, unless in clear violation of forum policy, will not be censored or evaluated. After all, we wish to encourage an open and critical atmosphere.

    -Any other issues not explicitly mentioned here (or simply overlooked by the authors :)) are assumed to be highly contextual and will be handled in a respectful manner by all parties involved.

    (End of Policy)
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