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free download: Anticlimax Leviathan (new book by Ryan Bartek)

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by anomiepsyops, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    hello all, i've been passing around this press release, which is about my new book in progress and the new band i'm working on which is straight up thrashing grinding death metal madness...

    this book isn't about interviewing bands with tons of pictures, but it certainly is about life in the metal underworld and all of the characters i have met in my travels. it is my goal to present life as it is really experienced, cutting through all the bullshit. anyone that has crawled out from the subterranean depths having been shit on by society as freaks and outcasts will relate to this...

    enjoy, or not...

    *** USA writer Ryan Bartek, best known for the books 'The Big Shiny Prison' & 'Fortress Europe,' again returns with a new material from his current work in progress 'Anticlimax Leviathan.'

    Formerly promoted as 'Acropolis Now,' this new book 'Anticlimax Leviathan' is a massive departure from everything Bartek has ever released. Unlike his prior books, 'Anticlimax Leviathan' is purely autobiographical. This new book details the author's life since 2002, and it is brimming with adventures alongside many of the misfit characters that have appeared in his earlier writings.

    In acute detail Ryan Bartek presents the hopelessness that is American poverty in the first decade of the new millennium, and the effect it has had on individuals in the counterculture that are both extreme and absurd. Like many of the Great Depression/Beat Generation writers, Bartek assumes a similar role and uses 'Anticlimax Leviathan' to shine a spotlight on unconventional lives and desperate hopes that otherwise would be unrecorded and lost to time.

    This freshly released chapter is entitled 'The Curse of GhostNomad' and fully demonstrates the wide range of writing styles in this new book.

    The author has made this new chapter available in both PDF and Audio-Book form.

    Read on Scribd: ... Chapter-II

    Listen on YouTube:

    Download both as Zip file:

    Says Bartek: “As a writer, 'Anticlimax Leviathan' is the most important work of my career – it is also the most personal. This book focuses on the past 8 years of my life – everything in between the cracks of 'The Big Shiny Prison' & 'Fortress Europe' when the tape recorder stopped rolling. It is the story of a strange young man reaching adulthood and going against the grain of a society that is far stranger yet somehow aggressively masquerading as normal.”

    “After waging a mental/emotional war of sorts in his homeworld of Detroit – drudging through a perplexing existence that resembles the plot convolution of 'The Big Lebowski' – he eventually falls through the cracks of society completely, thus becoming a traveler in search the American Dream which has instead become an American Nightmare.”

    “Eventually ending up on the West Coast as a sort of journalist drifter, he gets locked into a turbulent world of odd jobs and constantly collapsing living arrangements. Eventually he becomes homeless and lustfully embraces it while simultaneously being consumed by physical lust. He then re-creates himself as a sort of lead character in his own imaginary punk rock/heavy metal scumbag romance novel. Along the way he builds a legion of 'West Coast Street Crazies' that have fallen through the cracks as well, and step by step they build a new world out of the ashes of their former ghost lives. This all leads to a massive road saga through America and Europe, climaxing with the Occupy Portland encampment of 2011 and a final showdown with The 1% Power Elite at Bohemian Grove.”

    “This will be the book I will be remembered for, at least in a critical sense. Despite having become a solid name in the underground, the ruling literary establishment will not touch me with a 20,000 foot pole. 99% of these Manhattan literary agents won't even read a single word. They are so out of touch with my generation and so eager to pigeon hole everything into tidy marketing strategies that they see the words 'punk rock/heavy metal' and immediately compartmentalize my work as some 'music thing.' The one's who actually give me the time of day always are enthusiastic and think my work is quality, but they have no idea what to do with it.”

    “It's ok though – I have my audience, and it only continues to grow. It will take many decades before I reach a wide readership and I am very well aware that I may never live to see that happen, but I keep moving forward regardless. One day they will exhume my literary carcass just like the did Lautreamont or Miller, but for now, I offer this chapter to the true. The book is still nearing completion, and there is no set release date. But I didn't want to hold back any longer. Stay tuned.”

    Also recently released were 25 book readings from Ryan Bartek, running the breadth of his previous works & available for free download & streaming: [ame][/ame] ... CQ&index=1

    Bartek is hard at work in the Northwest USA preparing a new record: “I'm on the verge of announcing a new band, which will be completely savage extreme metal making no concession to anyone or anything. Unlike the majority of my work which has always been about pushing the limits to convulsions, I'm actually setting out to do an album that is no-nonsense thrashing, grinding death metal madness. Imagine A.K.A. MABUS on steroids, on fire, with rabies. It will be a relentless juggernaut, built to destroy everything it's path. Info TBA. To get a feel of my guitar work, the A.K.A. MABUS debut 'Lord Of The Black Sheep' has been posted on YouTube:

    Anomie PR

    Download Ryan Bartek's previous books, as well as records from his bands A.K.A. MABUS, JACK CASSADY and SASQUATCH AGNOSTIC here 100% FREE:
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