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Free Download - SKULLMASTER - "VoidWalkers" LP (MP3 & WAV ZIP) New Album 7-1-2020

Discussion in 'Trade / For Sale' started by anomiepsyops, Jul 8, 2020.

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    FOR RELEASE July 1st 2020 (7-1-2020)

    SKULLMASTER Release Debut Studio Album
    “VoidWalkers” as Free Digital Download

    Extreme Metal band SKULLMASTER have released their 8 Track debut studio album “VoidWalkers” as a Free Digital Download.

    “VoidWalkers” (WAV)

    “VoidWalkers” (MP3)

    Due to the COVID19 Crisis, financial problems have wreaked havoc on Metal Underground, impacting untold numbers of independent bands & metal fans as well.

    Therefore, SKULLMASTER have decided that no Pandemic should prevent their long-awaited Debut Record – releasing their LP “VoidWalkers” as a Free Download for metal fans across the globe, while planning a proper CD in Fall 2020.

    “VoidWalkers” is a brutal, uncompromising slab of mayhem featuring 8 Tracks that perfectly encapsulate the broad, hybrid sound of this maniacal band from Portland, Oregon.

    Fusing old-school Thrash & classic Death Metal with vicious Black Metal elements, as well as monstrous Sabbath-styled riffing & mosh-frenzy breakdowns ala early Sepultura, SKULLMASTER offer a potent hybrid that also infuses elements of nasty Grind & proggy Death.

    This killer assortment of ferocity bulldozes its way through 8 tracks of solid studio production, attacking its audience like a wrecking ball of unapologetic audio destruction.

    This Three Piece ensemble is the brainchild of Ryan Bartek (Vulture Locust, A.K.A. Mabus & author of “The Big Shiny Prison” book series), as well as insanely technical drummer Ron-Jay Gage & bass-wielding maniac Mr. Stephen Weber.

    SKULLMASTER is 100% DIY – no trends, no lame singing parts, no commercial aspirations, no B.S.

    Any album reviews or interviews are highly appreciated.

    Contact via:

    SKULLMASTER – “VoidWalkers” LP
    Out 7-1-2020 – Free Download Links

    (WAV) Link 1:

    (WAV) Link 2:

    (MP3) Link 1:

    (MP3) Link 2:

    “VoidWalkers” Album Cover




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