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Funeral For A Friend - Rookie Of The Year (Instrumental cover)

Discussion in 'Practice Room' started by DIYistkrieg, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. DIYistkrieg

    DIYistkrieg Member

    Jul 2, 2017
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    Hey guys!
    Last year I recorded this cover, tried to mix it, didn't end up with something good so I left it there in my HD.
    Now I thought to try mix it again, and this time it seems I got (almost) where I wanted, maybe a little darker than what I wished for, but since I've recorded these guitars with a very cheap instrument that's kinda harsh sounding, I had to add a very brutal LP....
    Anyway, I guess with some good vocals this could be rebalanced somehow!
    Well, I'm quite happy with the results anyway, even though I didn't spend too much time trying to humanize the drums, I think they sound ok...
    Well, any feedback is more than welcome, so, what do you think?
    Oh, and let's play a little game: What amp I've used for the rhytmn guitars?


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