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Futures End Guitarists to Shoot Instructional Videos

Discussion in 'Triton Power Cruise' started by FuturesEnd, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. FuturesEnd

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    Sep 12, 2008
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    Marc Pattison and Christian Wentz to Shoot Instructional Videos
    We have received dozens of emails from guitarists the world over that are interested in learning to play the riffs and solos from the songs on Futures End's debut album, Memoirs of a Broken Man (Nightmare Records). Marc Pattison and Christian Wentz will gladly answer the call in the form of several videos designed to explore the techniques used to create the Futures End guitar sound. Shooting will begin the last week in October 2009 and the first video will be released via the band's YOUTUBE channel ( sometime in November.

    Says guitarist Christian Wentz, "We are going to break down a couple of songs and the solos in each video and release one a month for the next three months. Some of the stuff in our songs is pretty tough to play by ear and we are really happy to offer the videos as a way for other guitarists to really see what we are doing and make it easier for them to get it figured out. It should be fun!"

    Futures End is a progressive/power metal band featuring the talent and experience of Fred Marshall - vocals (Zero Hour) Jon Allen - drums (Sadus, Testament, Dragonlord), Steve DiGiorgio - bass (Sadus, Testament, Iced Earth), Marc Pattison - guitars, and Christian Wentz - guitars (Circle II Circle).

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