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Discussion in 'Bloodbath' started by Bloodbath Moderator, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Bloodbath Moderator

    Bloodbath Moderator The Fathomless Master

    Feb 15, 2008
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    Welcome everyone to the Bloodbath forum! We encourage lively discussions and questions on all things related to the band. Unlike many online band forums, members of Bloodbath are frequently reading your messages and even responding to your questions from time to time. Since this forum is paid for by the band as a service for the fans, we do not accept inappropriate behaviour, so keep the quality level of this forum high, hence the rules set below.

    Self-promotion: If you have the intention of promoting your band, or any band in particular, without incentive as to discussion/debate, you should post anywhere but the Bloodbath forum. If self-promotion material is posted any where else that isn't somehow relevant to a conversation, it will be considered SPAM.

    Spam: Whilst this can at times be a vague term, we trust that you all have the common sense to gauge what is appropriate and what is not. Some things that fall under the SPAM category are: wasteful threads/posts with no discernible purpose, repeatedly posting the same message over and over, repeatedly adding nothing of worth to a conversation, posting repeatedly using internet slang with no contribution of value etc. SPAMMING is not allowed!!!

    Trolling: Constant personal attacks on members, repeatedly adding nothing of worth, establishing an antagonistic online persona are all traits of your common forum troll. As with Spam, the term can at times be vague and mis-used, but we trust that you know what behaviour is beneficial to the community and what isn't. Trolling is not allowed.

    Piracy: Piracy discussion is strictly forbidden here. Do not ask where to download Bloodbath songs. Do not encourage people to leak Bloodbath songs.

    Personal Attacks: If you criticize the character or viewpoints of a person/band/group, please do so with constructive insight. If you attack someone or something simply for the sake of attacking, you will have broken the rules.

    Judgement: The moderators reserve the right at any time to amend or alter these guidelines to suit the situation at hand. Keep in mind that these points are all guidelines, and should be treated as such. The final judge of any particular scenario is the discretion of the moderator who deals with it.


    Now you may ask, what happens if I break any of these rules? Well, depending on the severity of your infringement, one of the following may happen...

    Verbal warning: We will delete/amend the material you have posted and give you a verbal warning either in the thread or via PM (or both) that you have crossed a line and should not do so again.

    Temporary ban: You will be banned from a period anywhere from a day up to a month, depending on the severity of the infringement.

    Revoked Bloodbath forum access: You will be denied access to the Bloodbath forum.

    Permanent ban: Your account will be permanently banned from
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