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GOD DETHRONED - new album and tour

Discussion in 'Morrigan's Pit' started by Gaunerin, Sep 16, 2006.

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    ensamhetens vildmark
    Finally we are able to reveal the content for the bonus-disc of the upcoming GOD DETHRONED killer „The Toxic Touch“. There will be a DVD included – a whole festival show filmed with seven cameras at Summer Breeze 2005!

    Here´s the tracklist from that show:
    1. Nihilism
    2. Boiling Blood
    3. The War Cult
    4. Villa Vampiria
    5. Sigma Enigma
    6. The Art Of Immolation
    7. Salt In Your Wounds
    8. Soul Sweeper
    9. Serpent King

    "The Toxic Touch" is the band's 6th album for Metal Blade Records and was recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with Producer Joerg Uken. Mastering was handled at Wisseloord Studios in Holland.

    The tracklisting is as follows:
    01. Faithless
    02. Hating Life
    03. 2014
    04. Falling Down
    05. On Wings of Pestilence
    06. The Day You Died
    07. Away From Emptiness
    08. Macabre World
    09. Typhoid Mary
    10. Fail to Exist

    The Japanese edition will have a bonus track called "Bleeding Mirrors".

    “‘The Toxic Touch’ is the product of two years of extensive and intense touring all over the world. The new line-up has proved to be superior to all the previous ones. You could see it as a learning process. While everybody knows us as a band with a fine mix between the brutal and the melodic parts, people appreciate us mostly for our groove and melody, especially live. The new album reflects that more than ever before.
    The number of blast-beats on this album has been decreased to a minimum. Why? Simply because in a live situation it’s probably the most boring part. In the new situation the blast-beat adds something special, the explosion, whereas in the past it was just a common part of our style and therefore ‘nothing special’, comments GOD DETHRONED mainman Henri Sattler, and adds: “‘The Toxic Touch’ has become an album with new and broader influences, techniques and songwriting, but sounds exactly the way God Dethroned should sound anno 2006. This time with our best and heaviest production to date.”

    Dutch Deathsters GOD DETHRONED are gearing up for another Blitzkrieg European tour with Vader & Severe Torture. Being the main support and having the new album out during the tour will give the band a lot of well deserved exposure. Scroll down for the full touring schedule!

    „The Toxic Touch“ will be released on the 20th of October in G/A/S, and on the 23rd of October in Europe!

    Blitzkrieg 4 European Tour
    Severe Torture
    28.09.06 GER Berlin @ K17
    29.09.06 GER
    Jena @ F-Haus
    30.09.06 GER Giebelstadt @ Stadhalle-I Park Klingholz
    01.10.06 GER
    Hannover @ MuzikZentrum
    02.10.06 BEL
    Mons @ La Marginale
    03.10.06 FR Paris @ Novueau Casino
    04.10.06 FR Nancy @ Azimut 854
    05.10.06 CH Lausanne @ Le Docks
    06.10.06 FR Rennes @ Antipode
    07.10.06 FR Le Havre @ Le Siecle
    08.10.06 FR
    Limoges @ John Lennon
    09.10.06 SP Irun @ Tunk
    10.10.06 SP Vigo @ La Iguana
    11.10.06 POR Gaia (
    Porto) @ Hard Club
    12.10.06 SP Sevilla @ Sala Q
    13.10.06 SP Murcia @ Gamma
    14.10.06 SP Madrid @ Ritmo & Compas
    15.10.06 SP Barcelona @ Mephisto
    17.10.06 FR Dijon @ Vapeur
    18.10.06 ITA
    Bologna @ Estragon
    19.10.06 ITA
    Rome @ Alpheus
    20.10.06 ITA La Gabbia @ Bassano Del Grappa
    21.10.06 ITA
    Prato @ Anomalia
    22.10.06 A Althofen @ EndorphiN Club
    23.10.06 A
    Salzburg @ Rockhaus
    24.10.06 A
    Vienna @ Planet Music
    25.10.06 GER
    Augsburg @ The Kantine
    26.10.06 CH Zurich @ Abart Music
    27.10.06 GER
    Trier @ Exhaus
    28.10.06 HOL Sneek @ Bolwerk
    29.10.06 BEL Vosselaar @ Biebob
    UKBradford @ Rio
    01.11.06 SCO
    Glasgow @ Soundhaus
    02.11.06 IRE
    Dublin @ Temple Bar Music Centre
    UKLondon @ Camden Underworld
    UKBrighton @ Concorde 2
    UKManchester @ Satan's Hollow
    06.11.06 GER
    Essen @ Turock
    07.11.06 HOL
    Haarlem @ Patronaat
    08.11.06 GER
    Bremen @ Schlachthof
    09.11.06 HOL
    Eindhoven @ Effenaar

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