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Gojira - The Link Alive DVD

Discussion in 'Media Reviews' started by Hopkins-WitchfinderGeneral, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Gojira - The Link Alive DVD
    Listenable - POSH070
    By Sam Brokenshaw


    Gojira's debut DVD The Link Alive, is a pretty good example of what a band can do to make a DVD worth buying and watching. The production values are pretty decent in all respects, with the sound and picture being well defined and clear. You kind of get fed up of the constant stage invasions after about the third time, but it's hardly a major issue. The bulk of the DVD is a live set filmed on home turf in Bordeaux, which is both well varied and very well presented. The band effortlessly work through a set comprised mainly of older material from The Link and earlier efforts, offering up the kind of tight and hard performance that can only be achieved with a lot of practise. The drumming is excellent, even offering a short solo in a kind of tribal style that is entertaining, if not exactly on par with Neal Peart's latest endeavours with Rush. A few extras are present on the DVD, a gallery and some short clips amongst other things. Whilst these do add to the value for money factor, they're hardly worth mentioning compared to the stellar main feature.

    One key factor is that the band actually rise above the dross evident in a lot of death metal, offering up a corporeal sense of atmosphere often lacking in such material. The groovy polyrhythmic mid section of Lizard Skin is particularly effective despite it's obvious simplicity. A subtle backing melody weaving in and out of the main riff in an almost ambient manner. This kind of thing really makes for a sense of ethereal location and, again, ramps up the atmosphere until one can practically feel the warm, sweaty air of the venue. The audience appear slightly confused by this somewhat avant garde endeavour, but I certainly enjoyed it.

    Overall, Gojira are a band that continue to impress. Their confidence and maturity is clearly evident in all things they do, reaping benefits for both the band and listener. Gojira seem to have hit upon that most of enigmatic factors a band can achieve, a symbiotic relationship between listener, musician and material. This rare chemistry allows them a greater degree of clarity than is the norm, in terms of delivering a message that is both worthy and meaningful. This fine DVD release comes highly recommended from me, miss it, and you'll certainly miss out.


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