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Discussion in 'Eden's Fall - Reviews' started by Eden's Fall, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Eden's Fall

    Eden's Fall METAL

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Review from Polish site Goldolin:

    (Online review is in Polish)

    Here is the English translation:

    EDEN'S FALL - Harmony of Lies (2005)
    Reviewer: Mistwalker
    Date: March 23, 2006

    1. Blur the Lines
    2. Planet Hate
    3. Lost Again
    4. Chemical Dreams
    5. Bleed
    6. Dead Thought Matrix
    7. Liquid Christ
    8. We Betray
    9. Nothingheart

    After many weeks, during which I was molested with Eden's Fall music by one
    of our admins, who liked it very much, i recieved a package with CD, three
    tons of paper and 7 kilos of duct tape. After a hour of torment I finally
    grabbed the CD... and it's cover artwork nearly made me vomit. It's awful!

    I opened CD box and... those little cogs, which are holding the CD inside,
    have flown out from interior. Luckily, I have caught the disc on-the-fly and
    saved it. Before I have loaded CD into my player's tray, I surprisingly saw
    two names on the label: Dan Swanö and James Murphy... Those two guys were
    responsible for mixing and mastering od Eden's Fall compositions. Presence
    of those two well-known persons was good additional recomendation for Eden's
    Fall (they obviously wouldn't work with shitty material).

    The album begins with an extremly chaotic composition, which made me bend...
    but my face changed into normal when I heard short, biting riff - beginning
    of "Blur The Lines". It gave me a hope, that the material will be more than
    average. Guys from Eden's Fall were probably inspired by best artists from
    their homeland metal scene - and they made an interesting stylistic mixture.
    Many sounds from their LP bring to mind Nevermore's music, and whole album
    has similar feeling, which is good for me.

    For the second course Chicago guys served us devastating "Planet Hate" -
    intelligent thrash metal with amazing chorus, in which we can hear John Barr
    singing "Violators of Planet Hate!" - it rocks! Next is "Lost Again" -
    typical USA-style thrash/power metal. I don't like this term personally, but
    it describes it perfectly. Plus John's characteistic singing manner -
    similar higher tunes... Outwardly completely different song, but the same
    feeling: another great one. The next was "Chemical Dreams" - definetly the
    most 'toxic' song on the album. Heavy, grim music, acid-styled vocals,
    everyting fits perfectly. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals are roaring
    proudly especially on the chorus parts (generally, chorus parts are the
    greatest element of Eden's Fall music) - in short, next well-played metal

    The curtain finally pulled back and the fun has begun! - "Bleed", really
    painful, absolutely stylish, first peaceful and quiet, then quickly changing
    into melodic, but heavy riff passages, which are easily engraved in memory.
    An then, another devastating chorus "We bleed for pain, we bleed for lies!".
    Then "Bleed" changes "lightly" into next, different-in-style song - "Dead
    Through Matrix", which makes an impression of being wild and coarse.
    Suprisingly, chorus doesn't sound well here... Next - "Liquid Christ" is
    it's natural continuation, of course not regressive; next - raw and
    thrash-metal styled "We Betray". At the end guys gave us "Nothingheart"...
    Once again, I have to say something about Nevermore's feeling. Eden's Fall
    is completely different, but Nevermore's spirit is present on their album,
    bringing to mind similar emotions and sensations like when listening to "The
    Death of Pasion", or, for example, "Sentient 6"...

    Finally, I'll personally break the ice now and first time im my career I
    will give Eden's Fall a grade. Here's the problem: 7/10 is unfair, bacause
    the album sounds really good, and 8/10 is too good, because it's just a good
    heavy-metal craft, not a revolutionary piece of art. 7,5/10 - it's really
    aequate for this one.

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