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good stuff

Discussion in 'Nevermore' started by Sentient 6, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. azal

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    Nov 12, 2002
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    Belgrade, Serbia
    my next tattoo i going to be the heaven and hell album art on the inside of my bicep. Yes, the album is very special to me, but I want the tat mostly because the artwork is so ill.

    Tattoos are a personal decision for everyone and I never judge people on what they want to get, I would just recommend them to spend the money and go to an awesome artist no matter what you want to get, because that will guarantee that the work is well done and you won't be paying big bucks later to have it covered up or burned off later.

    I'm really glad I didn't start getting tattoos until after 25, I think I would have had some seriously shitty ones all over my body if I was getting tattoos as a kid, and I would have probably had like 15 band tattoos of band's that went to shit. I know dudes with korn and dream theater tattoos. sayin.

    Also, my mother dies a little inside every time I get a new tattoo, anyone else have really conservative parents? My mom thinks tattoos are like white trash birthmarks.

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