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Greetings from Aussieland

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Age of Swords, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Age of Swords

    Age of Swords One with the flames of hell

    Mar 4, 2017
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    I went with my current username for something sort of trendy/cool I guess? Hmmmm?

    Age of Swords - due to my nordic/viking ancestry and something kind of cool.

    A few things about myself -

    I hail from Australia (The Great Southern Outback)
    I am the younger brother of a twin
    I have Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English on my fathers side and Thai on my mothers side.
    I do GFX editing. (for a hobby mostly) I think I am proficient enough in it.
    I write poetry whenever I get the chance to.
    (biggest moment having my poems appear on 2000 brochures around my town/city.)
    I have a little half sister, who has all I mentioned, plus Vietnamese in her.
    My real name is Edward, you may call me Ed, Ted, Teddy, Eddie/Eddy etc, if you so wish
    I really like the series Vikings, but more so, Veronica Mars.
    I dwell in quite a few different music tastes. To RnB to Hip-Hop and Korean Pop, to Black Metal.

    I've been writing since 2011 and some of my favourite themes to write about are... Seasons, Heritage, Darkness, Religion, Love/Romance, Mental Illness.

    If anyone wants to ask me anything else, please feel free!
    Loving the look of the place!

    Hope to see you all around!

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