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Greetings & News from Sun Caged!!!

Discussion in 'Katagory V' started by Paul Adrian Villarreal, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Paul Adrian Villarreal

    Mar 26, 2003
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    Bitburg, Germany
    Hello Katagory V !!! I don't know if you guys will remember, but I met you at the after-party of Prog Power USA II in Atlanta. This was before I joined Sun Caged. Glad to see your name out there more and more! Anyway, I'm pasting below a blurb about our latest happenings in hopes that your fans will check us out. Hope you don't mind...networking with real people is the way of the future right? :lol: (just like it was in the past...)

    Greetings music fans,

    I want to take this moment to try and connect with you. If you already know of Sun Caged then this is a notice that your wait for the second album will soon be at an end! Artemisia will be released by Lion Music on March 23, 2007. If you have not heard of us yet, then this is an invitation to check us out!

    I know this may seem somewhat “spam-ish” but this is not random. I’m taking the time to write this and post it here because I believe you will find our music to your liking. Let’s face it, the way the music industry is in this day and age, a band has to create its own success and there’s only one true way to do that: create public awareness, i.e. get your music heard by the people who matter: music fans!

    We are essentially a new band again. Sure, our sound is still relevant to fans of the first album, but there is a new chemistry completely its own as well. Melodic and moody at times, but still plenty of hard hitting action…and of course mind-bending instrumental dexterity (don’t take that as arrogant self-praise, this is the singer talking, and I’m just giving you my opinion of the great instrumentals, lol)

    We’ve been off the radar for a while, but Sun Caged has big plans for 2007. We’ve already got some great shows lined up including a cd release party in Helmond, NL (March 23rd) and a support slot for the mighty Spock’s Beard in May!

    So please stop by our page at We have brand new pics and artwork up, plus a full album teaser, and one complete (8+ min) song for you to hear! ( is still operational, but needs to be redesigned, so right now it’s just has some links and the album cover)

    And finally, one more note: Our friends at internet radio are going to debut the 10 minute mini epic “Bloodlines”. That’ll be Feb. 15th during The Rogue’s Gallery (which starts at 8:00pm Pacific time) and again on Feb. 16th during Epic Prog (which starts at 6:00pm Pacific time).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you real soon!!!


    Paul Adrian Villarreal, (and on behalf of Marcel, Roel, Rene and Roel too)

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