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Discussion in 'General Metal Discussion' started by MetalAges, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. MetalAges

    MetalAges Metal Is As Metal Does.
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    Sep 30, 2001
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    Virginia, USA
    1. Crapping up threads with off-topic discussion, flamewars and holier than thou opinions...
    ...will not be tolerated. A good thread is NOT to be derailed with personal insults towards other users or insults towards bands, musicians etc. Discussion is good, pointless flamewars will get you nowhere except potentially banned. Off-topic discussion is generally fine, use common sense: it had just better not be pointless bickering. If a thread creator feels that his thread is being derailed by off-topic discussion and he doesn't like it, consider moving the off-topic discussion to some sort of more appropriate thread or PM. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! If someone is blatantly trolling, do not reply to those posts.

    2. Before posting a new thread...
    Are you pretty new to the forum? Are you thinking of making a thread? SEARCH BEFORE POSTING. Chances are someone has already brought up the same subject, and in that case it is often better to bump that thread than to start a new one (exceptions may be granted if the old thread is really old, but if you find 10 similar threads and still post a new one, it's going to get deleted or merged.)

    Other things to consider before making a thread:
    • Does my thread idea have the potential to generate interesting discussion?
    • Am I sure that GMD is the best forum to post my thread? Consider band forums, and read the rules below for special cases like trade lists, promotion etc. (see below)

    3. Metal and Non-Metal discussion
    This forum, formerly "General Music Discussion" is now "General Metal Discussion". Some discussion of non-metal will be tolerated, but if you're going to post a thread about a non-metal band, the non-metal forum should be used. In the past, the distinction between the forums was not clear because this forum, while largely metal related, was still "General Music Discussion". Now, to discuss music that is not related to metal at all, please use the non-metal forum. Common sense is to be applied while discussing non-metal bands in GMD.

    4. Discussion about instruments, playing techniques and musician's equipment
    To be posted in Musicians Discussion, no exceptions. This includes questions like "omg what pickups does alexi use lol tia" and "what is the data rate in bits per second of European EBU SMPTE time code at a 25 fps frame rate?" People in GMD are not as likely to be able to help with stuff like this as the very knowledgeable people that hang around MD anyway.

    5. Promotion of bands, zines, etc.
    Promotion of new/unsigned bands: New Band Showcase
    Generic self promotion of anything: Self Promotion

    6. Trade/sale
    Trade lists, eBay auctions, sale lists, requests to buy albums, etc, to be posted in Trade forum exclusively. Threads in GMD of this nature will be deleted.

    7. Generic Recommendations
    Do not post threads with generic requests like "I like band X, what other bands would I like?" or "recommend me some brutal death metal". Posts like these go in the Recommendations Thread unless you have a very special request that you think deserves your own thread. If it's deemed to not be very special after all, it will be merged into the Recommendations Thread.

    8. Generic Questions & Exclamations About Music You Like
    Do not post threads saying "I like band X, who else likes band X?" or "I'm currently listening to album Y, fucking hell it's awesome!". Posts like this go in The Thread Where You Talk About Music You Like.

    9. Now Playing
    Now Playing thread. Nowhere else!

    10. Game threads
    Endless post games go in Thread Games, which is a subforum of the Chat forum. I'm going to make an exception for "Another fucking metal game :)" for the moment because it is a really old tradition of GMD...

    These guidelines and rules are intended to make this forum a better and more productive place for everyone. Please respect them. I don't intend to be impossible to deal with as a moderator, and these rules are not entirely set in stone. (This does not mean that you can ignore them and use that as an excuse.) If you feel that any moderation decision or rule I've made is unfair, feel free to take it to PM. Random flaming of moderation in threads that have nothing to do with it will not be tolerated.
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