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Halun (Debut LP out now)

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by Void Tenebrous, May 30, 2010.

  1. Void Tenebrous

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    Nov 17, 2007
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    Federal Territory, Malaysia
    Conceived sometime in the tumultous year of 1996, Halun was founded in the insignificant country called Malaysia, of which they were originally a 4-piece, Slayer-wannabe thrash metal band.
    They coined their name from the name of mythical pre-malay barbaric tribes that were deleted by the gods because of their audacity in becoming their equal and the remnants of this damned race now populated both the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia as the bickering Malay and Javanese tribes at present times.
    But due to the band's unrepentant experimentations of sounds and styles (which resulted in numerous line-up changes of late, some peaceful, some not-so-peaceful) this loser of a band now end up settling comfortably in the gothic black metal genre as of 2006. Consider Cradle Of Filth for a moment; albeit slower in fire and less complex in arrangements, and that's what the sound of should Halun look like (we think...)
    Anyway, they've just released their debut LP "Via Nex, Via Dolere, Via Tenebrae" last week, (via mail-order distro label RDL Distro and Records) and are now actively searching for gigs and promotional shows (if there's any).
    Please follow the link provided at the bottom of this thread for samples of their music (and maybe an MTV-released videoclip if you're lucky, heheheh).
    Thanks in advance.

    Silenced Minstrel of Halun

    Distro label email:

    Band Website:

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