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Hardrock Haven

Discussion in 'Eden's Fall - Reviews' started by Eden's Fall, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Eden's Fall

    Eden's Fall METAL

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Review from Hardrock Haven:'s Fall - Harmony of Lies.php

    Eden's Fall
    Harmony of Lies Independent

    by Matthew Hoffman
    Staff Writer

    Comments:What do you call a wild metal outfit based in Chicago that understands how God Damned important a lead guitaris shredding crazy-nice solos is? Fuck Yeah, "That's Eden's Fall." These young metallers have the formula down pat, using killer vocals, hammering riffs punishing drums and a wicked nice lead axe man.

    The band they sound most like is Nevermore, which is no small compliment. At times they are thrash, speed, death and power metal but each one is given the attention it deserves so cohesion doesn't suffer here on Harmony of Lies. The album is powerful exciting and complete in pretty much every musical aspect. There are cool ass lyrics, clean scary vocals and once again spirited guitars charging pounding and never ever relenting.

    A few great examples of the guitar lead prowess are the ultra clean technique on solos in "Lost Again", "Chemical Dreams" and "Bleed." Rob Aquino and Tony Gronowski handle those axe duties and leave nothing on the table but blood sweat and tears ripping through kick ass riffs throughout, and taking turns with the solos. Vocals of John Barr are also better then average and combined with the double bass monster drumming of Dan Gronowski set this vehicle on absolute fire. (Note: The "monster drumming" is actaully by Ray Smith, I just play bass - Dan)

    With influences listed like Pantera, Slayer and Testament, these boys bring it like it's 1989. The album was mastered by death/thrash axe legend James Murphy (Testament, Death, and Obituary). People, don't waste a damn moment. Get online and buy this album, because it is the best $12 investment you've made in years.

    Band members:
    John Barr ---------Vocals
    Dan Gronowski---Bass/Growls
    Tony Gronowski-Guitar/Vocals
    Rob Aquino-------Guitar/Vocals
    Ray Smith--------Drums

    Track listing:
    1. Blur the Lines
    2. Planet Hate
    3. Lost Again
    4. Chemical Dreams
    5. Bleed
    6. Dead Thought Matrix
    7. Liquid Christ
    8. We Betray
    9. Nothingheart

    HRH Rating: 8/10

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