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Harms Way - Stoner Metal That's Readily Digestible

Discussion in 'Metal Interviews' started by Victim of Deception, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Victim of Deception

    Dec 21, 2003
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    Sudbury, Canada
    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]By Adam McAuley

    Harms Way came across as a very pleasant suprise to me, and should also for anyone else looking for an exciting slab of stoner-induced metal; their latest release, Oxytocin, is one of this year's better albums. UM's Adam recently got the chance to speak with guitarist Freddie Lindgren and bassist Mr. Dim about the band, their music, and Swedish mountains.

    Would you care to introduce the band and tell us a little abit about yourselves?

    I Freddie (guitar) started the band with Dim (vocals & Bass) after I broke up Terra Firma. Dim and I have knowed each other since we were12 years old or something. Erik (Guitar) and Stipen (Drums) I knowed from time to time since 1987 or something. Erik and Stipen used to play together in Thrash metal band Merciless. Stipen has also been in the bands Dia Plasma and Transport League.

    Before Stipen we had an other Drummer Mike, who played on our 10"vinyl demo, but he didn't have the time that was needed so he had to go.

    Might Oxytocin go somewhat unappreciated as one of the sleeper albums of the year and how much would this disappoint you?

    I hope not. The response from press and people who have listend to the album so far has been very Good, so yes I would be a bit disappointed. But this is our first album and we are kind of doing our own thing so some narrowed people might find it hard to get it the first listening probably. Our first release the 10" demo vinyl is sold out and it was printed in 1000 copies so I hope we at least sell more than that. Bruce Dickinsson of Iron Maiden liked it and played it in his BBC show so that is at least a good memory if it will go as you say as one of the sleeper albums of the year.

    There is an evident passion in your performance. Explain how one would go about making such and energetic record.

    Thanks. I don't know. We just play and this is what comes out. I always try to play things I like and never looking what other bands are up to. We do not wanna follow anybody else, just do our own stuff.


    Does an element of fun really take precendence over the more musical aspect here because it seems at times to be more focused on a purely passionate slant?

    Isn't fun the reason to play music? I'm not playing music to show off.

    There's a very drug induced vibe that overrides your music and much of stoner music in general. Do you think this would be a primary idea when creating your music or do the very hazy grooves come more naturally than out of a drug-influenced haze?

    I never go for something like now I wanna sound this or now I wanna sound that, it all comes natural. I can't really say we have an drug vibe in our songs compared to bands such as… lets say Hawkwind. Sometimes you're angry sometimes you're happy and sometimes you just wanna shoot your fucking head of and that is what music is all about in my world. Mediate fellings.

    There's a recurring musical motif present in your music that makes it quite catchy upon repeated listens. Does it come naturally or by a very evident concentration?

    As I said before nothing is determainated to sound in one way or another, what happens just happens.

    I mentioned at least a few times how you've sound influenced by the stoner rock Gods Kyuss. How do you successfully take a relatively established sound and make it your own so efficiently and also what is your opinion on the once great legends? Would you even consider them slightly underrated as I do?

    I love Kyuss. Can't really say we sound like them thoug. I don't think they are underrated but maybe too heavy for some people to get. Sky Valley is one of my Favorites album ever.

    I find that your music, as with Kyuss', I'd have difficulty classifying it as either rock or metal. Which of the two would you choose and why?

    I don't want Harms Way to be classified at all. We do our own thing and we don't give a fuck what other bands are up to or what is "right" at the moment. There are Metal influences as well as Rock influences. Some people call it stooner rock some don't, I don't care.

    Being slightly underexposed to the underground stoner rock genre, what are some of the bands you would consider underappreciated, yet essential listening and how have they had an impact on you?

    I don't follow what is going on in the music world today. I listen to older bands. If I hear a band I like I buy their album. When I was younger I followed the thrash and Death metal underground scene but nowday's I'm to busy doing other things in life. I also think that most bands (not all) in the so called stooner rock scene all wanna sound like Kyuss and I think it's enough with one Kyuss. I don't know if it's right to call them underground but Orange Goblin is a band I like alot aswell as Atomic Bitchwax.


    How do you see yourselves further developing your sound in the future. Trying something slight more experimental perhaps?

    We'll see what happens. We do what ever that feels good to us.

    What do you do ins your spare time, outside of music?

    Erik and I enjoy boatrides. I do some Martial Art traing when I have the time and some longdistance running. Dim and Stipen just became fathers. Erik also climbed Sweden's highest Mountain Kebnekajse (also a great Swedish band by the way) this summer.


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  2. Scourge of Malice

    Nov 28, 2002
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    San Fransisco, CA
    Listening to a song on their Myspace right now, and I'm impressed! Sounds a lot like what Kyuss would be like if they never broke up, which is a very good thing!

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