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Headphones - Headphones

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by circus_brimstone, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Headphones – Headphones
    Suicide Squeeze Records – S045 – May 10th, 2005
    By Jason Jordan


    No guitars on this one at all. Headphones – a band which is the brainchild of David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Tim Walsh (Pedro the Lion, TW Walsh) and Frank Lenz (Starflyer 59) – rests on keyboard delivery, acoustic drums, and clean vocals for its stability. With Headphones, the debut, Bazan’s moroseness is transferred over to this offshoot convincingly, and moreover it’s an above-average outing for anyone who concerns themselves with the previously mentioned groups.

    As per any project that contains Bazan, the lyrical content is both sharp and significant. But, with this particular CD, the prevalent use of synthesizers (sometimes way over-the-top) will ultimately decide the fate of its listener’s interest. They do facilitate an immediate feeling of astonishment, though they also have the ability to be somewhat nauseating. Overall, the keyboards are great when used in moderation, but Headphones do overuse them even in just under thirty-five minutes of time. However, the synths can be endearing insomuch that they frequently reminded me of the 8-bit NES days in numbers such as “I Never Wanted You” and “Major Cities.” Songs like “Shit Talker” and especially the leadoff “Gas and Matches” both serve as pinnacles of competent songwriting, which is a robust statement in and of itself. Perhaps it’s unnecessary to note that Bazan’s unruffled vocals, on Headphones, are as laced with melancholy and as impressive as they are on any Pedro the Lion recording.

    Truth be told, I’d opt for either Pedro the Lion or Starflyer 59 – over Headphones – if given the chance, but I’ll also venture to say that the introduction to this side-project is worth a look. As of now, the trio isn’t worthy of the utmost praise that can be bestowed on any of the paramount music-makers. Nevertheless, this record will unfailingly please adorers of the members’ respective bands.


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