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Headway Festival 2014 announces TURNING GOLEM feat. VULTURE INDUSTRIES

Discussion in 'Headway' started by Frurken, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Headway moves to May! The 7th edition of our progressive rock and metal festival will take place on May 3rd and 4th 2014. And with this, we also announce our very first special performance: TURNING GOLEM feat. VULTURE INDUSTRIES and HAPPY GORILLA DANCY COMPANY.

    Stepping outside the given boundaries and striving for innovative ways to present a new experience to the fans. That's what great bands seek. Norwegian avant-garde metallers VULTURE INDUSTRIES teamed up with HAPPY GORILLA DANCE COMPANY to create the theatrical performance TURNING GOLEM.

    The outcome is an energetic show that will blast your ears off, while your mind is blown by the ludicrous events on stage. TURNING GOLEM features music from VULTURE INDUSTRIES' latest release "The Tower" as well als additional material composed to fit the unification, inspired by the music of ancient sumerians – the oldest written music that has been found to date.

    Tickets will go on sale before December 1st 2013.

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