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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Snyde, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. Snyde

    Snyde Morph Manipulator

    Oct 8, 2009
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    Marseille, Fr
    So I was listening to Sodom's Tapping the Vein yesterday (that's how all good stories start) and it kinda sparked in me a bunch of memories of this place. Last I posted here was for Dave's passing (it has been two years already...) and before then, probably around 2016, even if I had been posting less and less frequently for some time.

    It's crazy to see that a core group of guys has been keeping this place going this whole time. I owe so much to the Evile forums users, in terms of finding myself within the never ending ocean of music at the very start. All the recommendations I got from here in the 4 or so years I was around are the backbone of my music knowledge.

    When I stopped posting here, my interests were slowly shifting away from classic thrash and death metal and towards the broader spectrum of music. It did help that this place was on (what seemed to me at the time) its last legs. With that said my interest in metal and discussing and sharing music didn't really wane at all. I jumped around to some other platforms. Fate ordained that I would be partly in charge of my own little corner of the internet eventually.

    I run a small discord server these days. We're some 30-odd people, pretty involved in listening to mostly metal but anything, really. It's a swell group of guys. We run a couple of spreadsheets where we compare scores and such, especially for current releases. Everyone's pretty involved. To be honest with you, I'm stunned that I didn't think of inviting you guys over sooner. Anyway, I'll leave a link if any of you are interested:

    Anyway, I hope everyone's doing alright during these less than great times. It's been nice to roam around some of the older threads, cringing at the terrible takes I left strewn around this place 8-10 years ago. The more things change...

    PS: Podgie, I finally finished listening to every My Dying Bride record a couple of years ago. Thanks.

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